Go Anywhere With an Organic Sunscreen Stick

No matter where you go, harmful UV rays from the sun are boudn to follow. Why risk over-exposure and skin damage by not packing a convenient and portable sunscreen stick? There are issues to traditional sticks, but most of them can be remedied by purchasing an organic sunscreen stick to protect the entire family.

Nothing Nano

The key factor that makes organic sunscreen better than others is the utilization of non-nano ingredients to block the sun’s harsh rays. Nano-chemicals can penetrate the skin, which can be a health concern, but non-nano formulas prevent this absorption. Their clean, natural formulas give you maximum protection with minimal risk!

Pleasant Fragrance

Using high-quality, organic ingredients comes with a few more perks, like the amazing feel and smell. Why wouldn’t you rather smell like shae butter and natural oils versus the cheap fragrance add-ins that other products use? It seems trivial, but when love the outdoors you want to feel great while you enjoy the fresh air.

Sensitive-Skin Approved 

What’s worse than turning rashy and red from a product that is supposed to protect your skin? If this has ever happened to you, try Butterbean’s organic sunscreen stick and feel the difference it can make. Their sunscreen is packed with vitamins and nutrients to support the most sensitive skin protection. Keep a stick in your car, purse, pocket, gym bag, or anywhere you want with a convenient travel-sized sunscreen stick from Butterbean.

Keep From Fumes and ingestion 

One of the biggest concerns with applying sunscreen is the risk or inhalation or ingestion. In small doses, it could be meaningless, but for the adventurous family you might end up inhaling more than what’ s realized. The nano materials used in making most spray products can lead to health concerns when enough is ingested. Organic products like this take nano out of the equation, and stick sunscreens eliminate the chance of inhalation(and hopefully ingestion).

Perfect For the Family

Premium organic sunscreens just offer more than big name, old-fashioned  products. No matter what the complaint is, aside from having to apply it, organic products offer a solution. Your sunscreen smells bad? Go with organic! Your children’s skin reacts negatively to sunscreen? Try an organic version(after consulting your physician). Organic sunscreen sticks offer the perfect solution to protecting your whole family, whether they are picky or not!

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