GoGoPDF: Learn The Essential Tools For Your PDF Files

In this modern world, the use of MS Office has changed many lives of all employees dealing with different documents, presentations, and computations in their daily tasks. These various MS Office tools made every life easier by helping them accomplish their “To-Do List” in a day within the given hours of work. 

For every company, they demand every document to be converted to PDF to keep all their necessary files private and away from any alterations and other reasons. One of the best tools online to help you achieve a fine PDF file is GoGoPDF. This website allows you to do different things with PDF files for free. Here are some of their essential tools that GoGoPDF provides online. 

GoGoPDF Tools: PDF Repair

One of the tools that GoGoPDF offers is the repair PDF tool. This tool is very much needed for all corporate company employees and teachers, article writers, and novel writers. PDF repair can easily save your life for various problems you might encounter in your daily life at work.

One of the main problems you might encounter when you are sending or receiving PDF files is when the file gets corrupted because of a virus, insufficient storage for your inbox, or when both parties are using different kinds of software. GoGoPDF can repair that PDF file in just for steps!

First, upload the corrupted file by dragging and dropping it to the toolbox, next wait until the repair is done. In the third step, you can easily share the file with a personalized message to your email or even share the link generated by GoGoPDF and send it to your recipient. The last step is to download the fixed file to your computer or any device you are using. 

GoGoPDF Tools: Compress PDF

Another handy tool from this colorful website is the Compress PDF. This tool can help you reduce your files’ sizes when you are having trouble sending your files to your recipient due to the receiver’s insufficient inbox storage. This website can support some of the primary operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Windows across different browsers. 

Aside from compressing your files, this website can assure you that your files’ quality, whether it is a powerpoint presentation or an excel presentation, will not be compromised at all. Compressing your file with GoGoPDF, you will need to follow these four steps. 

First, select the PDF file that you wish to compress and drag and drop it to the website’s toolbox. Next, the GoGoPDF will automatically start squeezing your PDF file in a few minutes, then wait until the compression is complete.  Lastly, when it is already done, you can freely download your file to your computer or any device or share it using the website’s link. 

GoGoPDF Tools: PDF Converter 

The GoGoPDF is home to all kinds of converters, from Word to PDF, to PowerPoint to PDF, Excel t PDF. Not only that, GoGoPDF can convert any files to PDF in just minutes, depending on the size of the files.  There are so many reasons why you should convert your various files to PDF.

For word files, you should always convert your document to PDF so that you can protect your file from any unauthorized alterations. For powerpoint, converting your presentation to PDF is a must to protect the quality of the file and so that it can be easily sent to different operating systems without compromising anything; the same goes with the excel report.

Here are the simple steps to convert your files to PDF with GoGoPDF. First, select the file that you want to convert to PDF to the website’s toolbox. Afterward, GoGoPDF will automatically start to scan your file and convert it to PDF.

When the conversion is done, copying your original file format and convert it to PDF, you can now easily download your newly converted file to any of your devices that you are using. You also can copy the link provided by the website so that you can share it to your social media or email it using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and any other emails. 


In our new world, files are being sent through different emails online, making both parties a lot easier. PDF files are now in demand in the market because of their abilities to protect your files when sending them online. GoGoPDF is equipped with all the necessary tools you will need for different uses of PDF files, and it’s all for free. 

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