Google Workspace Business Plan: Features, Price Comparison, and Key Points of Edition Selection

Google Workspace is a redesigned and renamed version of G Suite, with two pillars – Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus – and Enterprise Standard and Plus. The maximum number of users for a Business Plan is 300. If the number of users exceeds 300, you must switch to Enterprise Plan. There is no user limit with Enterprise Plan.

In this article, we will look more closely at Google Workspace Business plans since the majority of businesses use them.

Differences between Business Starter, Standard & Plus

Based on the comparison table above, lets take a closer look at the performance differences between each article.


The price of  Google Workspace Pricing is calculated according to each user’s account: Business Starter USD 6/month, Business Standard USD 12/month, and Business Plus USD 18/month.

Cloud Storage

Business Plan storage: 30GB/Business Starter user, 2TB/Business Standard user, and 5TB/Business Plus user.

For Standard and Plus, the calculation method for cloud storage is to set a higher limit than what the rest of the organization can use, which is in the form of “distributed”. Initially, Google Workspace security was set according to each user’s account. Now Google Workspace has changed the way we use security, which has a lot to do with companies with user inequality in need of security.

For example, if ten users are applying to the Business Standard (2TB/user), there will be a storage of 20 TB. Thus, worker A can use more than 2 TB as long as protection is still available. In other words, there will be users using less than 2TB and users using more than 2TB at the same time within the company. If the full backup is not enough, the number of users can also be increased as a result.

Google Meet Participants Limitations

Google Meetings video conferencing tool. The maximum number of participants varies depending on each version in the Business Plan: 100 pax of Starter, 150 pax of Standard, and 250 pax of Plus.

Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search can find the required information from Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and other files for all Google Workspace users in the company. You can restore your files via Gmail and Drive, but if you don’t remember where the files are stored, Cloud Search can come in handy.

Google Vault

Google Vault is an information management and Discovery tool for Google Workspace. It allows companies to capture and export Gmail, files in Drive, etc., and can also be set as a backup for future courts. For companies that value management and risk management, Vault can significantly reduce corporate value and risk in compliance.

Key Points for Text Selection

When you want to use Google Workspace, the following two key points should be identified as to which option is best for the company.

Google Workspace cannot be used in combination editions

Under a single domain registered with Google Workspace, users may not be able to combine Starter, Standard, and Plus, meaning that a single document can be used under the domain. 

If you want a partial domain license or PDL, you must meet Google’s minimum requirement of 100 users and it is subject to approval by Google. To apply for a PDL, contact your Google Workspace partner

Workspace can also be changed to another edition

When using Google Workspace, if you want to upgrade from Starter to Standard or from Plus to Standard, whether you are a customer of Google Workspace reseller or google direct customer, it is possible to upgrade easily. When you downgrade from a higher plan to a lower one, you will encounter storage limitations and functional changes.

Which Edition Is Right For You?

From the Business Plan, if you do not know how to choose the edition that best suits the needs of your business, a detailed description of each edition is listed below.

Suitable for Business Startup:

  •         Number of users less than 300.
  •         The number of participants in Meet does not exceed one hundred.
  •         The storage capacity used by each user does not exceed 30GB
  •         There is no need to deal with large files often
  •         For the first time using Google Workspace
  •         You want to use Google Workspace discount with a lower cost
  •         SMEs need to have a business email with a domain name

Eligible Business Standard:

  •         Number of users less than 300.
  •         The number of participants in Meet does not exceed 150.
  •         The average storage that is used by each user does not exceed 2TB.
  •         Choose to use Cloud Search to make file searches more complex.
  •         Want to have a copy of the video recorded on Diva.

Suitable for Business Plus:

  •         Number of users less than 300.
  •         The number of participants in Meet does not exceed 250.
  •         The average storage that is used by each user does not exceed 5TB.
  •         Choose to use Cloud Search to make file searches more complex.
  •         Want to have a copy of the video recorded on Diva.
  •         Wanting to use security filters, e.g. Vault, advanced endpoint management, etc.

In this way, you can choose which Google Workspace edition that best meets the company’s business needs.

When is my subscription renewed?

Your subscription renews at the same payment period you signed, either monthly or annual. It is impossible to change your user accounts. You can find the date to update your subscription to Google Workspace in the admin console. Then, you are charged according to your renewed billing plan:

Apply to Google Workspace With Over 300 Users

As mentioned above, the maximum number of users for Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus is 300. If you are an organization with more than 300 employees, you should sign up for an Enterprise Plan.

Select the Right Edition

In this article, we’ve highlighted the differences between Starter, Standard, and Business Plus. By comparing the cost and storage requirements of each user, you can choose the most suitable edition for your business. Depending on your company size and situation, you can select the best plan for your business to grow with Google Workspace.

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