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Government-Backed Real Estate: Your Guide to Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Istanbul with government guarantee is a word that any real estate researcher in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular has encountered. This word “government guarantee” is often mentioned among the Turkish real estate market. The government guarantee, in short, is land that the government grants to some construction companies and fully supervises it.

Buying apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for الجنسية التركية with a government guarantee is considered one of the best investment projects that may interest Turkish and foreign investors alike, especially since projects with a government guarantee provide their services in convenient installments, and also guarantee the investor that he will receive the property he purchased on the specified date without delay, and the most important thing that distinguishes Projects with a government guarantee mean that the dealings are direct with the Turkish government, and not as is the case in other projects belonging to private sector companies.

There are several government companies that do this, and we will mention them in our article today as well, and it is the safest way to buy an apartment in Turkey without the Tabu document, meaning sales contracts with a notary public, or in the case of purchasing in installments, which is the best advantage when purchasing from these government companies. .

Damas Turk Real Estate, in light of the great search for apartments for sale in Istanbul with a government guarantee, has prepared for you an article that explains in detail and in detail everything related to the government guarantee in Turkey. We will come to the names of the companies as well, and you will find more important information within the folds of this article..

What is the government guarantee?

A beautiful idea that the Turkish government was able to work on for many years and brought about an unprecedented urban renaissance in the Turkish construction market. This idea is based on the fact that the land is from the government and the construction costs belong to private construction companies, but the full and responsible supervision is certainly the Turkish government.

Through this idea, entire areas were created in Istanbul, the most notable of which, as we have all seen, is the beautiful model in the Basaksehir area, specifically Kaya Shahir. This area was completely dirt, and today it has become the most desirable area to buy real estate in, especially the Arab communities, and the prices in it have become competitive with central areas in Istanbul, such as Besiktas. Şişli and others..

So the concept of government guarantee is a participatory idea to create housing units provided to those wishing to buy a property in Istanbul, and all logistical and administrative work is done and the decision maker is the Turkish government, and the subject of supervision is also what is most unique to the projects established by the Turkish government, which we will discuss in detail as well.

The most important details of the government guarantee

First: The interface and guarantor of the project is the Turkish government, which is responsible for all matters arising from construction.

Second: The formulation and organization of official contracts with clients is entirely entrusted to the Turkish government.

Third: Determining the value and average prices of apartments is based on criteria determined by the Turkish government.

Fourth: The establishment of projects will be based exclusively on standards and regulations provided by the Turkish government.

Fifth: The delivery of apartments and their finishing will be done by employees accredited by the Turkish government as well.

Sixth: Payment of dues in cash or in installments shall be made exclusively to the Turkish government and under its supervision.

Seventh: Preparing the papers required to extract the title deed and others will be done through a direct power of attorney to the Turkish government.

What is meant by شقق للبيع في اسطنبول with government guarantee?

These are projects or apartments both affiliated with the government sector in terms of planning and supervision in partnership with construction companies affiliated with the Turkish government or private sector companies, which reflects the extent of integration, union and achieving public benefit between the state and the private construction and investment sector.

The ownership of the land in this type of project is primarily owned by the government, which allocates it to real estate construction companies according to some criteria, while the task of implementing the project is assigned to one of the real estate construction companies affiliated with the government, often in partnership with private sector companies, so the construction companies turn the project idea into a tangible reality, based on In the various stages of construction, the government should bear the responsibility of marketing the project during and after the completion of construction, and putting it on the market in preparation for selling it to Turkish citizens or foreign nationals alike.


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