Grandparents out there, here is hope

Being a grandparent is a whole new adventure, a more enjoyable one than parenting, I dare to say. This is the time where you don’t get to be anything else besides the fun one. You don’t need to impose rules, be strict, interdict, punish or other things that sometimes haunt the minds of parents who’d like to have more chances of doing things lightly. This is the reward for doing a great job when you were the parent, you are trustworthy enough to stay with their little one and get to spoil him/her without any remorse. And it sure feels great! I mean really, they feed them steamed caulliflower while you wait for them with french toast with mapple syrup. They allow them 30 minutes of cartoons per day, you do Flintstones binging together. The only terrifing thing is getting them to sleep, isn’t it? The new house, no rules thing affects sleeping habits and makes it difficult for them to accept that it is time for bed. Say no more, I have the perfect answer – a weighted blanket for kids .

Sure, you’ll say you and your kids slept just fine with normal blankets. Some of you will remember that your own grandparents did not have the luxury of any cover what so ever. That they kept warm by embracing each other in an universal war story meant to teach everyone a lesson about how they need to apreciate more what they have. I would normally agree with you. A lot of the products advertised today are not at all that useful whilst being pretty damn expensive. And you’re totally right, kids can sleep in various conditions, but this is not the story here. You do want what’s best for your grandkid, so you surely want a weighted blanket. Because it will help you manage the only stressful thing in your relationship. It will make things easier for you at the same time, not only for the little one. Imagine going to their room, tucking the precious soul in her/his bed and no crying. Absolutely no tears. Maybe you’ll read a short story, maybe you won’t. The only thing you will be certain about is that the kid will fall asleep in no time, without arguing and, even more important, he/she will not wake up until morning. Just sweet dreams for everyone.

Although it may seem unrealistic, it isn’t. It’s just something they came up with by analysing the need we have to feel physically secure. A need we have written in our genes, a basic one, like a kind of womb nostalgia. Having a heavy blanket surrounding your entire body makes anyone feel safe and therefore sleep more profoundly.

As every grandparent wants nothing but the best for his grandkids, choose a weighted blanket for kids with removable cover from Hazli. It is made out of 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber, a guarantee for its 100% efficiency, as the three layers ensure a constant body temperature and prevent beads leakage for a perfect weight distribution. The cover can be machine washed as often as you want to, there is a variety of colours to meet the wishes of boys and girls alike, so you’ll have the ideal blanket in no time, right at home.

Remember how all kids love to spend the night at their grandparents? Prepare yourself, they’ll want to stay at your place forever. Which is ok, because this is what you always wanted also, deep down inside, isn’t it?

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