Growth hacking strategies for scaling your business – 2021 guide

Entrepreneurs need to market and advertise their products efficiently to scale a business. There are many strategies to scale a business, we’ll be discussing most of them down below.

Growth hacking is something done by big entrepreneurs to determine the most effective ways of growing their business. The process might involve a big investment but it will go to the scaling your business.

A growth hacker will use any combination of new trends like SEO, A/B testing, and reverse engineering. SEO trend is probably the most effective way but you have to keep up with it and it can be very time-consuming and frustrating.

If you’ve just started or about to start a business, make sure to try all these growth hacking strategies for your business to take off and get out of the survival phase and move to the growth phase.

A starting take-off for your business can be very good for you, it means more revenue for you making you wealthier.

Here are some growth hacking strategies you should not hesitate to try;

Pre-launch email list

When it comes to online marketing, emails are one of the most effective ways as nowadays almost everyone uses emails to advertise or sponsor people.

A big pre-launch email list will convey the message of your business opening too many people. Before launching your business, you should put all your focus on building up an email list. It’s the easiest way to reach your audience and deliver your message instantly.

You can also use this technique when launching a new product or a service making it a lot easier for you to gain customers and sales.

Don’t sit idle after sending the first email, try to build up hype by creating more drafts and then sending them later before the launch of your new product.

Referral marketing

Referral from people like your friends and family can get you a lead much faster than other means. You should create a referral code for every account created on your app which gives a 5dollar promo code if someone uses it.

This way you’ll get more and more people joining your app meaning that you’ll have more customers. Many businesses use this type of promotion method as it’s one of the most effective. No one leaves free money if they’re getting any, always remember that.

Business collaborations

Business partnerships and collaboration are also one of the most used strategies to gain an audience. In this, the business you collaborate with will gain your side of the audience and you will gain their side’s.

It’s a very effective way of co-marketing products. Not only will it get you a big audience but it will also send great traffic to your website allowing you to gain more revenue on the side.

Some of the most well-known businesses did business partnerships and collaborations to be where they are right now. This business growth strategy won’t harm your business in any way and always make sure to sign a contract with the other business in case things sideways these days.

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