Hate Kills – Award Winning Short Film on Hate Crimes

A new film ‘Hate Kills’ aims to address this issue by creating awareness of the many victims of hate crimes. It is a short film written and directed by Mohammad Baig in collaboration with renowned director/actor Rupan Bal. It is an important contribution towards neutralizing the misconceptions about Muslims in western countries.

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Violence against unarmed Muslims is on the rise

In recent months, violent attacks against Muslims have become more frequent and widespread. In the first four months of 2019, there were 32 reported incidents. In the first four months of 2020, there were 41 incidents and in the first four months of 2021, there were 59. Those numbers likely underestimate the number of unreported attacks.

While the increase is alarming, it should be put into context. There have been a large number of incidents since 2020, and this trend should be viewed in context of an overall increase in violence in Nigeria. Since 2020, Islamist groups have increasingly targeted Muslim communities that don’t adhere strictly to their interpretation of Islam. They have also targeted Muslim leaders who speak out against these groups.

Intolerant ideologies are among the root causes of discrimination

Discrimination against Muslims in the West stems from various factors. Among these are intolerant ideologies. Intolerant beliefs and practices are associated with negative feelings and behaviors, and they can be harmful for minorities. Intolerant views on religion and racial identity can fuel discrimination and hatred toward minorities.

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Although the two types of discrimination are closely related, there are significant differences between the two types of attitudes and behaviors of the two groups. One group exhibits positive attitudes towards certain groups, while the other exhibits negative attitudes. People who have a generalized bias against Muslims will not be able to distinguish between the two types of practices.

Another group that suffers from discrimination is the Salafi movement. This movement has a more radical ideology and opposes more liberal Muslim religious practices. In doing so, it labels fellow Muslims who practice rituals as infidels or idolatrous. These labeling tactics are deeply damaging to groups of Muslims. Similar movements occurred in the past, such as the Puritan movement. The Puritans viewed other Christian denominations as inadequately pure, and had little tolerance for cultural practices.

Human rights approach to countering intolerance

A human rights approach to countering intolerance against Muslim communities is a crucial part of addressing Islamophobia. It emphasizes the importance of addressing the problem of intolerance at local, national and international levels. This approach should involve the participation of all relevant actors.

Taking a human rights approach to countering intolerance against Muslim communities requires that governments, communities and organizations respect their rights. This can be done through legal actions and legislation. Human rights are universal and state-like entities have a duty to protect them within their territories.

Familiarity with Muslims helps form positive views on Islam and Muslim 

Films like ‘Hate Kills’ are essential for people in the West as many of them think wrongly about Muslims. Across Western countries, most of the people who personally know a Muslim are more likely to give positive review and opinion about their religion. Knowing something about the religion as opposed to personally knowing them is completely different.

Therefore, awareness and knowledge are key factors when it comes to inciting change, and informative films such as “Hate Kills” help in this regard. This short film will help spread love and compassion for the Muslim community around you.

The movie ‘Hate Kills’ has made the issue of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bias very clear. It highlights the difficulties people face in practicing their religion and shows how this prejudice affects the lives of women. For example, the Muslim custom of covering their hair has been used as a symbol of targeted violence against women.

The film also highlights the impact of Islamophobic statements by Western leaders. In one scene, the assailant cites the words of a president of a prominent western country as the inspiration for his attack on the woman wearing a veil. The film also shows how this kind of prejudice can lead to violent outcomes and aims to neutralize misperceptions about Islam.

Additionally, the effort of this fantastic team has been hailed by film critics.

Six awards and three nominations have also been given to the movie at various international film festivals.

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