Here are the top 5 Hair extensions

companies in the U.S

Hair extensions are here to give a 180° turn to your looks. Just imagine the possibility of changing your hairstyle overnight or lengthening your hair a few centimeters in a few hours.

I find the idea of having more volume at the root of your hair or the simple fact of giving it a touch of color without damaging your natural hair fascinating. Without a doubt, hair extensions are an excellent option to look spectacular without much effort.

Best of all, you can have a subtle shine with highlighted extensions or a radical change with infinite extensions, without making a big effort or paying extra. If you know where to get them, the rest is history.

That’s why I created this article, so you don’t go round and round looking for the ideal place. Since the last thing you want to do is spend money in vain, read on and discover the 5 best places across the United States to get good quality hair extensions at an incredible price.

5- Indique

Oh, Indique, dear Indique. You are by far one of the best companies to purchase hair extensions from in the entire United States. My experience with their products has been rewarding and exceptional.

Variety is the spice of life, and Indique is proof of that. There are all kinds of extensions according to what you want, that is, it adapts to your requirements. If you want clip in hair extensions, you can find them here.

I am in love with each one of them and the best thing is that their quality does not diminish in any of their presentations. They definitely have the perfect formula to make some of the best hair extensions in America.

4- Richy hair

My God, I can’t get enough of this company’s extensions. Without a doubt, they are 100% quality and their best quality is that the hair is carefully selected from Siberian Russians for each type of extension.

What makes these extensions unique is the process of making them, where unlike other companies, Richy Hair does not use bleach and lets the hair rest in a cold bath with proteins and enzymes that improve the appearance of the hair.

If you don’t believe me, believe their extensions. Just like me, you too will notice the difference and the shine they have will dazzle you. You’ll be the center of attention with the long, shiny hair that only Richy Hair can give you.

Plus, it’s very easy to care for and maintain. Trust me, mine are intact. Just brush them and store them in a dry place and voila, every day they will look freshly bought. The best part is their natural look. So natural that no one will even notice they are extensions.

We’re halfway there, read on!

3 – Great Lenghs

If you want to have security and confidence when it comes to buying hair extensions, Great Lenghs is what you are looking for. I was impressed with the quality of the product and the service as well; that’s right, the attention of their staff is as good as the hair extensions they sell.

The secret behind their good quality extensions is the hair brought directly from India. Just imagine long, silky black hair brought from an earthly paradise to your doorstep in the form of comfortable extensions.

Great Lenghs, takes care of preparing the hair so that it arrives in your hands in the best possible condition. In addition, they are trained to make each extension go according to the texture of your hair, making it look more natural.

These are definitely extensions that I would buy again if I had the opportunity. They are easy to attach, come in convenient packaging and are great for a radical change of look. Go ahead and try them, you’ll be as delighted as I am.

2- Maisha Oliver

This company is worthy of mentioning in this countdown. Why? Simple. You just have to appreciate the wide range of options you have to choose from. The versatility of their product is so much that you’ll never want to take them off.

Like me, many stylists prefer their hair extensions for their quality. And if you’re wondering, yes, the stars wear extensions too. If you don’t believe me, just ask Khloe Kardashian and Mariah Carey’s stylist.

These extensions are treated with the best products on the market to give you quality strand by strand. With them you can change your look as many times as you want and give it the shape you prefer. Straight or curly, these hair extensions can take it all.

I completely fell in love with them because of how natural and soft they are. They are super manageable and designed to be dyed any color you want. It’s a worthwhile purchase. Dare to order them, just go to Maisha Lover’s website and wait patiently for them to arrive. You won’t regret it.

We saved the best for last.

1 – Izabel Hair

You’ve probably heard of Izabel Hair and their famous hair extensions. If not, here’s what you need to know to be the center of attention with long, beautiful hair.

Their high quality hair extensions are all you need to add volume to your natural hair without the need for expensive salon treatments. Yes, I was shocked when I bought them too.

To this day, there are no better hair extensions than what Izabel Hair Company has to offer. You will look beautiful all the time and you will always be ready to go out and eat the world with your stunning hair.

Izabel Hair extensions are a solution worth trying. They are super manageable, soft and versatile when it comes to coloring. The best thing is that you can apply them yourself without the need of an expert thanks to their application methods.

Their quality is so high that you can wash them, dye them, apply the heat of the iron and the hair dryer and they will not be damaged. They are designed and prepared with the highest quality products to make them last longer than other extensions.

I would wear their clip in hair extensions for the rest of my life because they are super comfortable to put in and take out, they don’t take a lot of time. I woke up late one day, ran out the door and put in my extensions. So easy and quick, it looked like hair from my own head.

That’s not all!

Unlike other hair extensions, these did not damage my natural hair at any time. They didn’t break it and they didn’t make it fall out either. I’m telling you, the most successful purchase you will ever make in your life will be Izabel Hair extensions.

They are easy to maintain. Just comb, wash and dry them naturally. This way, they will last for many more months. With these extensions, the best stylist will be you. You will be amazed at the results.

You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow, with Izabel Hair hair extensions, you can have your hair as long as you want, the color you want and with the hairstyle you like. Are you still here? Don’t wait any longer and order your extensions now. Call (706) 815-7133 or visit their website.

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