Here Why You Should Buy A Honda HR-V

If you want an SUV that is affordable as well as practical then look no further, Honda HR-V is the right pick for you. Honda HR-V comes with a 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine that is paired with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Seating Space

An average size adult can comfortably sit in the front seat. Same goes for the second-row seats, they are generous enough to accommodate three adults. Even when the driver’s seat is a little bit further back, people at the back can sit comfortably as there is enough legroom. The Honda HR-V also has a sunroof in the front which surprises many people.

Honda has also added the eight-way power adjustment for the front seats that you can find in the Touring variant. This trim also comprises leather seats, fog lights and LED headlights and all-wheel drive. Other features in the front row include a sliding centre armrest, roomy glovebox, cup holders and much more.

Seats & Cargo

The Honda Engineers are known for their innovation. Honda HR-V exhibits these innovations in every corner. The cargo space in the sub-compact SUV model is 24.3 cubic feet and as you fold down the innovative seats in the second row, it becomes 58.8 cubic feet which is quite enormous for a subcompact SUV.

What is so special about these seats is the fact that you can fold them as much as you want with just a push. Whether you want to keep a tall item in the second compartment or want to extend the cargo space, you can fold or flip the seat as you like.

Many people are disappointed with the fact that most cars don’t have a spare tyre space. However, In Honda HR-V, you will have a deep box at the rear area. Not just the spare tyre, you will also find a well-appointed tray with all the equipment that is required to change a tyre. Something we hope you never need, but Honda has got your back when you need them.

Fuel Mileage and other features

Honda HR-V offers great fuel mileage. In the city, you will get 28 mpg — while on the highway, it is 34 mpg. The 141 horsepower four-cylinder with 127 ft-lbs torque is the reason behind its amazing fuel efficiency. This makes it ideal for people who have long commutes or have just started driving because you are definitely going to save a lot of money thanks to its stunning fuel-efficiency.

Whether you want to adjust the ac or want to pair the phone, the touchscreen in the HR-V gives all control at hand. One can also find the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration.

Everything inside the car is comfortable and useful. The steering wheel is firm and sturdy which will take you through the toughest turns and will help you park the car in tight spaces.

The visibility is great in this car. The rear headrest drops down for improved visibility when nobody is sitting in the backseat. The backseat lifts up to allow unique storage.

Talking about the safety features Honda has continued its legacy of utmost driver’s security. The subcompact SUV is equipped with an anti-lock braking system and a backup camera. Other safety features which are available in the Touring, EX and EX-L include Honda lane watch collision & mitigation system, lane keeping assist system, road departure mitigation and lane departure warning.

Beyond these special features you can also find:

Smart entry with push-button start
Heated front seats
automatic headlights
automatic climate control
2-inch TFT driver information display

If you live in a place which sees challenging climates. For instance, if you frequently travel in rain or snow, we would suggest you get an all-wheel drive system which you can get after paying a small additional amount. Maintaining optimal traction with the surface, the all-wheel drive system automatically gives power to the wheel which needs it the most. This reduces the chances of sliding.

You can save money and also enjoy all the luxurious features with the new HRV. The comfortable ride, decent height and the compact size make Honda HR-V king in its category.

If you are looking to buy Honda HR-V in KSA, go for a reliable Honda dealer and don’t forget to book a test drive in advance because if you don’t, the salesman will make you wait.

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