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High-Rise Building Design- The New Era of Civil Engineering

The history of the high-rise buildings is astonishing, even when the technology was not so paced. The ancient roman civilisations have proudly constructed buildings over ten stories! But the technological revolution has fueled the passion for high-rise buildings in this era. Gus Romo, founder of Romo Planning Group in 2001, has over a decade of experience as a City Planner. He brings independent contractors to public agencies through RPG, which contracts with cities, counties, and private firms. Romo holds a Bachelor’s in urban and regional planning from Cal Poly Pomona and an MBA from the University of Redlands. The article shares insight into this new era of civil engineering in detail. Please read on to know technological advancements made these tall buildings more sustainable and how.

The craze for tall buildings

Civil engineers have been passionate about vertical habitation in recent times. They are provided with favourable materials, structural engineering systems, and elevators.

High-rise building Designs involve higher construction costs and sophisticated engineering approaches. Thus, engineers are aiming toward sustainability in high-rise building projects. The advancement in construction techniques enables them to do so. They also consider the key factors. They include building context, location, height-to-base ratio, and slenderness. These define their existence.

The rapid growth in urbanisation and modernisation increased the demand for space. The scarcity of space has increased the demand for vertical space. Also, this way, the management of the city infrastructure becomes easier for the governing bodies.

STAAD.Pro in designing high-rise buildings:

The features of STAAD.Pro software help in designing high-rise buildings. The software also considers the challenges that might arise. The key features include:

  • Limit state method analysis imbibes the regulations of the Indian standard code.
  • State-of-the-art user interface
  • Visualisation tools
  • Powerful analysis
  • Design engines
  • Dynamic analysis

The visualisation module helps the user to generate the model. Moreover, the software is highly interactive. This helps the user to make changes across the geometry specifications as required.

The physical modelling feature of STAAD.Pro software helps in visualising the beams, columns, and surfaces of the building. The software is efficient in designing and analysing high-rise buildings. It also considers all possible load combinations, which makes it more efficient. The software considers the load combinations such as dead, the live, wind, and seismic loads. These load combinations are crucial in calculation and design.

Why STAAD.Pro is effective in calculating?

The number of beams on every floor is calculated and compared with the other factors. The factors considered are the height of the ground floor, self-weight, dead load, live load, and wind load.

The software understands the wind effects and their direction that it blows horizontally at the ground level and at higher speed.

With the help of anemometers or anemographs, the parameters related to wind are obtained. For example, parameters such as design wind speed and basic wind speed velocity of the wind are crucial.

The software calculates the wind load values based on the wind intensities across the various heights. During this calculation, the software also abides by the regulations of IS 1893-2000.

The software also helps in selecting the building materials and cross-sections of the beam. The number of column members is also specified with the help of the STAAD.Pro software.


STAAD.Pro software generates diagrams by which the engineers can study the deflection of the members. This deflection occurs when the building is subjected to various load combinations. Also, it helps in studying the shear force values and bending moment. Thus, STAAD.Pro software plays a crucial role in designing and analysis of high-rise buildings.

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