High Security Fingerprint Cards for Identity Verification

Are you in need of a fingerprint card? Whether you’re applying for a job, background check, or security clearance, having the right documents is key. Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll discuss where to find fingerprint card locations near you.

Introducing Certifix Live Scan’s Fingerprinting Service

Certifix Live Scan is a nationwide network of 1200 fingerprint enrollment centers offering Live Scan submissions and Fingerprint Card processing. Certifix Live Scan aims to provide convenient, fast and accurate Live Scan fingerprinting services. With the help of Certifix Live Scan, customers can easily access to ink fingerprinting, electronic fingerprinting, or live scan fingerprinting appointment. The process is simple and straightforward; customers can request an inked fingerprint card or submit their fingerprints electronically. Certifix Live Scan also offers the North Carolina County Sheriff’s Office for fingerprinting services and customers can send their fingerprints to the FBI for background checks. Moreover, Certifix Live Scan is committed to offering competitive prices for its services and customers can easily make a reservation for fingerprinting services at their convenience.

The Benefits of Electronic Fingerprint Submissions

If you are looking for fingerprint card locations near you, you may be interested in Certifix Live Scan’s electronic fingerprint submission service. This service offers many benefits compared to traditional inked submissions. Electronic fingerprints are sent directly to the FBI, which can significantly reduce turnaround time for results. In addition, electronic submission eliminates the need for mail delivery and the risk of your fingerprints being lost or damaged during transit. Electronic submissions are also more secure than inked prints because they are not visible to the naked eye and cannot be altered without detection. Electronic fingerprint submission is a convenient and secure way to submit your fingerprints for processing.

How to Request an Inked Fingerprint Card

If you’re looking to submit ink fingerprints for a background check, Certifix Live Scan offers an easy solution. You can request an FD-258 fingerprint card directly from our website or by contacting your nearest Fingerprinting location. Once you have your card, you’ll need to make an appointment for your inked fingerprints to be taken. At the appointment, you’ll need to show a valid form of identification and provide details about the purpose of the fingerprints. After the information is verified, inkless cards will be used to take your fingerprints and then scanned onto the FD-258 card. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to send your completed card off for processing and receive results in a timely manner. With Certifix Live Scan, requesting and submitting an inked fingerprint card has never been easier!

Where to Find Live Scan Service Locations

Finding a live scan service location is not difficult. Certifix Live Scan offers convenient and accurate live scan fingerprinting services in locations nationwide. Certifix Centers provide a nationwide network of 1200 fingerprint enrollment centers for Live Scan submissions and Fingerprint Card processing. Visit the Certifix Live Scan website to find the most convenient live scan location near you. If you would like to submit an inked fingerprint card, you can request one from the North Carolina County Sheriff’s Office or submit it directly to the FBI. The cost of fingerprinting services depends on whether it is submitted electronically or via an inked card, with fees ranging from $56 to $100 per person. To make a Live Scan appointment and get payment information, use the online tools provided by these service providers. Be sure to bring all necessary documents to your appointment so that the process can be completed quickly and accurately.

Using the North Carolina County Sheriff’s Office for Fingerprinting

Those in North Carolina who are looking for fingerprinting services may find that their local county sheriff’s office can provide assistance. Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, for instance, offers Live Scan services by appointment only and no walk-in service is available. Similarly, Durham County Social Services, Durham County Youth Home and The Brian Center offer an official sealed letter for fingerprinting with no appointment necessary. It is important to remember that fingerprinting for concealed carry permits must be done through the permitting page. For those who would like to use an inked card, Certifix Live Scan offers fingerprinting services with reservations made in advance. All that is needed for the appointment is a valid form of ID and the appropriate fees. Once the fingerprints are taken, they can be sent to the FBI for a fee, which can vary depending on the country of origin. With the right preparation and knowledge of where to go, those needing fingerprinting services can easily find the right location and get their fingerprints processed quickly and accurately.

The Process of Sending Your Fingerprints to the FBI

Once you have obtained two sets of your fingerprints, you can send them to the FBI for background checks. Certifix Live Scan makes it easy to submit your fingerprints electronically, as well as provide an ink fingerprint card that can be mailed in. Certifix Centers also provide convenient, fast and accurate Live Scan fingerprinting services. In North Carolina, you can use the County Sheriff’s Office for fingerprinting. This process starts with completing the applicant information form and then submitting the form along with two sets of fingerprints either electronically or via mail. Once the fingerprints are received by the FBI, they will process them and send out results within 4-6 weeks.

The Cost of Fingerprinting Services

The cost of fingerprinting services can vary depending on the type of service you are requesting, with Certifix Live Scan offering ink fingerprint cards (FD-258) for $40. Live Scan fingerprinting services are also available at various Certifix centers for a fee, and UPS fingerprinting can be requested through Certifix Live Scan for a fee that is determined by location. Furthermore, if you are submitting fingerprints as part of a volunteer background check, the CJIS Service Fee of $20.00 is included for In-Person. Finally, when sending your fingerprints to the FBI, you will be charged an additional $50 cents for fingerprint-based volunteer submission.

How to Make a Reservation for Fingerprinting Services

Making a reservation for fingerprinting services can be done quickly and easily. Many Certifix Centers offer convenient and secure Live Scan fingerprinting services that are fast and accurate. You can find their locations using their search tool. Making a reservation is easy, simply submit the required information for the background check to be processed and you will receive a confirmation email. You can also mail in your fingerprint card but you must include all the required information for it to be processed. The North Carolina County Sheriff’s Office also offers fingerprinting services and you can look up your county’s office to make an appointment. Ultimately, the cost of fingerprinting services depends on the type of service you need, so be sure to check beforehand. Regardless of which service you choose, making a reservation will ensure your appointment is scheduled and confirmed.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Once you have scheduled your appointment for fingerprinting, there are several important items you should bring along. You will need to bring your valid government-issued photo identification, such as a passport or driver’s license. In some cases, you may also need to provide additional documents, such as a birth certificate. Additionally, if you are applying for an FBI background check, you will need to provide two fingerprint cards. Certifix Live Scan offers convenient ways to submit fingerprints electronically, but if you are using the North Carolina County Sheriff’s Office or another inked fingerprinting service, it is important to bring the required fingerprint cards. Finally, be sure to bring payment forms accepted at the service location. Once you have all the necessary documents and items with you, your fingerprinting appointment will go smoothly and quickly.


In conclusion, fingerprint card services are available from various sources, such as Certifix Live Scan locations, and the North Carolina County Sheriff’s Office. Fingerprints can be taken electronically or via an inked fingerprint card. The cost of fingerprinting services varies depending on the location and type of service requested. It is important to check the requirements and make a reservation prior to attending your appointment. By following these steps, you can ensure that your fingerprinting process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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