High Tech in Shooting Training and Equipment Systems

For those of you that enjoy home shooting simulator, there are many new technologies that have been developed that can enhance your training. From computerized rifles to lock & launch, these new devices can help you become more accurate and confident when you’re in the field.

MILO Virtual — the leader in simulation, de-escalation and tactical judgment training systems — provides robust solutions for your unique training needs.

Computerized Rifles

A computerized gun dry fire sight is an accessory that mounts on a rifle to help soldiers shoot more accurately. They use a variety of sensors and a ballistic calculator to calculate the point where a bullet will hit.

The US Army has worked on several computerized sights, including one produced by Israeli firm Smart Shooter that can tell the shooter where to aim even if they’re engaging moving targets such as drones. The system is called SMASH 2000L and could find its way into the hands of both special operations forces and conventional units.

Aside from telling the shooter where to aim, these systems can also perform other functions, like guiding shooting drills and game-like challenges. They can also provide information about a soldier’s current position and help them navigate the battlefield.

Lock & Launch

Having accurate aim is of utmost importance to anyone who enjoys a good range session. This is especially true for the novice or casual shooter who may not have the time to commit to a dedicated practice routine. The latest in shooting technology could be a godsend for the untrained eye, allowing a broader range of shooters to hit the target without breaking a sweat.

One of the most impressive technological innovations is the use of computer technology to perform a number of tasks and functions, including precision aiming and sighting in on a moving target. Having a computer do the calculations for you can save valuable time and effort in the field, while also reducing risk of injury. For example, a specialized camera could be used to pinpoint the precise location of a crooked target, while a robotic limb can shave off seconds from the standard aiming process by reducing the need for target alignment and sight picture correction.

Enhanced Accuracy

Enhanced accuracy is the ability to aim and shoot your weapon in the best possible way. It involves a number of elements, including proper grip, aiming, and shooting. The best way to increase your accuracy is to practice.

Luckily, advances in science and technology today allow us to do everything from tracking our movements to determining which shot is the most accurate. We can even use biofeedback to make the process more fun and efficient.

The best way to improve your shooting accuracy is by following the advice of experts, particularly instructors and other experienced shooters. This will improve your overall shooting skills, and reduce the number of shots taken, which will save you money on cartridges and time spent on training.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) uses a computer to create a virtual environment that mimics the physical world. VR headsets are used for a variety of purposes including medical training, education and gaming.

The VR experience is highly immersive and can be enjoyed by all ages. It’s also available for mobile devices, reducing the need to carry expensive equipment and headsets.

Unlike other forms of computer-generated simulation, virtual reality allows the user to see three-dimensional images in real time. They appear life-sized and change as the user moves their head and eyes.


A number of studies have shown that VR training is effective in knowledge acquisition and increases participants’ self-efficacy to respond to future shooting emergencies. However, it is not clear whether this effect is long-lasting. Using a between-subject experimental design, the effectiveness of a VR SG prototype was evaluated in terms of changes in participants’ knowledge, intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy scores before and after the training.

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