HNI Database- The Most Comprehensive Database Of High Networth Individuals In India

In our current era of globalization, there is a lot that is necessary to take into account, such as cultural and social nuances, in order to have a successful career. Especially so if you’re the person in charge of building a brand that’s going to connect with the right kind of audience. This blog post will discuss more on how HNI Database can help you do just that!

What is HNI Database?

HNI Database is an acronym that stands for “High Net Income.” It was developed by the HNI Corporation to categorize people based on their income. The database is often used by financial institutions, analysts, and marketing agencies to better understand a customer base. HNI Database is a searchable list of hedge fund managers and investment firms, known as Institutional Investors. HNI Database has been in operation since 1996 and it is the largest database of HNIs with information on more than 40,000 investors. It is updated every 24 hours, so it always has new data on every investor on the list.

What are the features of HNI Database?

HNI Database is a database that includes all of the high net worth individuals in India. It not only includes their names, but also what they do for work and how much power they have in the Indian business world. The database also includes information about their spouses, children, favorite sports and hobbies, their education and work experience, and more. All of this information can be searched by name or keyword.

Why should I use HNI Database?

HNI Database is the most comprehensive database of high networth individuals in India. It provides information on more than 1,000,000 potential customers. The data is derived from our proprietary research and analytics process that covers both qualitative and quantitative intelligence to identify these individuals.

How to use the HNI Database?

The HNI Database is the most comprehensive database of high-net-worth individuals in India. Using this database, one can search for information about High Networth Individuals by using different criteria such as size, location, industry, and interest. Once you find a match, simply contact the individual through the provided phone number or email address to inquire about available opportunities.


This blog post has discussed the HNI Database and why it’s a valuable resource for businesses in India. The database includes over 8,000 individuals with an individual net worth of $10 million or more. The database is updated on a regular basis and it has information about each individual’s profession, their education, what they do for leisure, their hobbies, their interests, and more. Anyone can purchase the database to access this information for marketing purposes or to make connections with potential partners.

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