Hope Now Ministries – Ukraine Orphan Sponsorship

Those of you looking for an opportunity to serve and help Ukraine’s orphans should check out Hope Now Ministries. They have a number of programs that can be used to benefit the children in the country and you can sponsor a child in ukraine, such as the Village of Hope. They also have church planting and evangelism programs that can be used to reach the community.

Village of Hope

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014, Jeremiah’s Hope served Ukrainians who were affected by the conflict. The organization, based in Ukraine donation Australia, provides shelter, medical outreach, and daily programming to a population of at-risk children and adults. The nonprofit is supported by many partners, and its fundraising efforts keep the organization afloat.

One of the biggest challenges facing the organization is finding funding. The organization is a refuge for twenty Ukrainian refugees who fled their country. The organization provides a home to the refugee family and two foster families. With Hope New you can sponsor a child in ukraine.

In addition to offering a safe haven to at-risk children, the organization is involved in church planting and a variety of other activities. Its Cherkassy Centre for Biblical Studies offers training for student pastors. The center is also home to a medical clinic.

Ukraine Orphan Outreach

Founded by a group of adoptive parents, Ukraine Orphan Outreach helps kids fall through the cracks in the Ukrainian system and sponsor a child in ukraine. It organizes activities, camps and transitional homes for orphaned children in Ukraine. It also provides medical and educational outreach to at-risk populations.

One of the ways that Hope Now Ministries helps kids is by easing the transition into a caring Christian community. The organization has developed a youth group for the graduates of the Shpola transitional living center. It has also helped over 80 children in Malawi attend school.

Jeremiah’s Hope was started by Steve Taliaferro and Andrew Kelly. The charity has been serving thousands of Ukrainian children for more than a decade. They offer a number of programs, including summer camps, daily programming and medical outreach.

The Aging Out program combines counseling and food distribution to feed over 300 families. It also provides supplies for emergency situations and ongoing support in Latvia and Dnipro.

Church Planting and Evangelism

During the war, hosting camps in Ukraine became complicated. This led to many children being left in hopeless situations. Fortunately, Hope Now Ministries helped to develop a youth group that was able to help them rebuild their lives.

Since the economic collapse, state-run orphanages have closed, leaving thousands of orphans in need. Hope Now’s Ministry helps to care for these orphans and exposes them to the Gospel. The organization also helps to establish smaller churches and adapt buildings.

The organization has established a center for Biblical studies in Cherkassy. Students are trained to lead smaller churches. There is also a Bible study group for teens in Oasis, which meets every Saturday. There are ten kids involved in this group.

The Comfort Foundation is also involved in long-term ministry to meet the physical and emotional needs of underprivileged children in Vologda, Cherepovets, Russia. The organization also creates a network of prayer supporters. This is an important part of its mission.

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