How are safes made?

Safes are used to protect everything from expensive electronics to cash, documents, jewellery and heirlooms. Some are even designed specifically for keys, allowing you to keep them together – out of sight of opportunists.

The sturdy safes we know today have come a long way since they first originated in Ancient Egypt in 13BC.

Let’s take a closer look at how they were made back then and what’s changed over the years.

What are safes made out of?

Originally, safes were made from wood and had a locking mechanism similar to the pin and tumbler still used today.

Wood was the go-to choice for security safes until the 1830s when manufacturers started to create iron safes.

Iron safes had inner walls made from ceramic, stone, brick and other materials. These were sturdier and offered better protection for the contents held inside, preventing fire and water damage.

Following on from the development of iron safes, steel became the favoured material for safe construction and has been used ever since.

Why steel?

On its own, steel is a durable metal able to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

Stainless steel provides exceptional resistance to corrosion as well as drilling and cutting.

When these properties are combined with iron that’s strong, and carbon that’s resistant to cracking under pressure, you get an exceptional steel alloy. Which is why many safe manufacturers use a steel alloy of iron and carbon to build strong, long-lasting security safes.

How is a safe composed?

A safe is typically made up of two elements: a box and a lock.

The box contains three layers of protective metal, including:

  • An outer mild steel skin that protects the safe and its contents from shock
  • A mild steel layer that the lock is affixed to
  • A hard plate barrier material that protects the lock

The safe is fitted with a high security mechanical or electronic lock.

A mechanical lock requires a key to open the safe door, meaning unauthorised people won’t be able to gain access, whereas an electronic lock can be opened by multiple users with a numerical code/PIN.

Fireproof safes are made slightly different, as these have a fire-resistant material in between the steel sheets. On top of this, the door is made from hardened steel – making it extra strong – and it has hinges and bolts on three to four sides.

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