How can you get hold of your next emergency glasses? 

Have you ever been in a situation where your glasses are at a very crucial moment and the next thing you know is sitting in your exam hall? Well, this is one common issue that is faced by the people. Let’s talk about a scenario that is quite common among us and where we lose our glasses the next day to an important meeting or a business trip.

Your need for glasses can only be well understood only by you, so before any important event be it official or unofficial. In such a situation, what is your general move towards handling such a situation? 

Same day glasses 

Such high importance situations require high importance solutions and that’s when I come across emergency glasses. It’s just as the name suggests, one will receive their glasses in an absolute emergency. 

There are various brands that provide such services and one such company is Specscart. Here, once you place them with them, the glasses are dispatched on the same day, and in the time of 24 hours, the glasses reach you. Hence, your emergency glasses reach you in no time. How are they able to achieve such a high speed? The major reason for the success of their service is that they have an in-house laboratory in Manchester, where they would actually make glasses with technicians who have over 20 years of experience. Their quality is well maintained by the three-point quality check where the glasses are gone under the processes to ensure the utmost quality. 

When it comes to speed, Royal Mail has been a perfect service hand that makes the 24 hr glasses or emergency glasses possible. So if you have an urgent need for glasses well you can just get them in no time. You can just book online glasses and if looking for regular updates on fashion and glasses just visit their Facebook page

Styles of designer glasses

There are several designer glasses that you actually might want to try if you are looking for something super stylish. Here are a few suggestions that you actually might want to consider for getting yourself glasses. 

Cat-eye glasses- Bold and quirky at the same time these glasses are no less than a deal. From official to unofficial programs, from weddings to parties, cat-eye glasses have their own way to adjust flawlessly with every pair of glasses. That is exactly what one needs, a pair of glasses that is able to vibe with every situation and occasion perfectly. 

Round glasses- Back from the classics, round glasses are not a thing of this decade but are considered to be one of the styles that were first used in making glasses. These glasses have been pretty easy to carry around when you go on at least one of the styling options and yet satisfy all the styling needs you ever wanted. 

Wayfarers- We have been extensively talking about the glasses, so let’s just venture into the capsule of sunnies as well. From the time of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s, wayfarers became a thing and never looked back since then. These oversized squared pretties are one of a kind and they have specialised in making one look awestruck in every outfit and that’s what we need when we are on sunnies. 

Aviators- Being the charmer for almost a century it is not an easy job to be handled. From the time of World War till date, these glasses have gone places and never looked back since then. The classic teardrop shape has been changed and experimented with various styles, but mind you no one actually beat an iconic style and that is what these glasses exactly are. 

Tiny sunnies- From Y2K to the era of Matrix to date, these glasses are the best thing that has happened to us since the retro revival. From the celebs to the mainstream, no one could actually get enough of the retro-futuristic vibes these glasses offer. A smartly styled accessory of all time, that will well define what these sunnies are.

Sports glasses and sunnies- Well, many might be in a dilemma when it comes to the sports glasses, but the truth is after conquering the ramps in 2019, they have been donned by celebrities and the mainstream as well. The best fan if we could say for sports glasses it is none other than Kim Kardashian herself, as we could have seen her in multiple instances donning her super-futuristic fusion sports sunnies. 

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