How Cocaine Addiction Affects the Human on Long-term Basis?

Effect on Psychology

To pacify addiction, while you start to consume Cocaine, it possesses the functionalities of brain circuits. The sensitive circuits of your brain start to adopt a new pathway to react in different external circumstances. Thus, the effect of this dangerous drug directs your brain to create a false impression of daydreaming. And your conscious mind becomes inactive. As a result, you feel comfortable with that false impression, as it pushes you to an inactive mindset.

While you stop consuming cocaine the brain circuits involve themselves in artificial stress and cause negative mood swings, physical displeasures etc. The addiction forces people to take cocaine while their body and mind find the false impression of relaxation. And this is the reason why addicted people desperately want to depend on this dangerous drug for getting psychological rewards instead of food, social interactions etc.

The addiction to cocaine leads the victim to a stagnant psychological condition, which seems to the victim pleasant hallucinations. And this type of experience snatches the real consciousness of the addicted people. Thus, the effect of cocaine leads people to adverse psychological conditions instigating the vulnerable tendency. Check out one of the South Africa’s dominant rehab centre Harmony Clinic ( and discover the freedom from addiction. They help individual by rebuilding their lives and get through addiction who are fighting with it.

Effects on Body

Different organs of the human body can be damaged by cocaine addiction. The crucial effect of cocaine on the gastrointestinal tract leads to ulcerations due to affecting the vessels for less blood flow. This is the reason when people become addicted to this drug, they cannot feel a regular appetite causes malnutrition and weight loss.

Cocaine also creates toxic concentrations in the body and it badly affects the whole cardiovascular system. As a result, acute chest pain leads cocaine-addicted people to severe heart attack conditions. All these crucial health conditions create inflammation in the heart muscles. And the ability of blood pumping and artery membranes starts to collapse. Therefore, all these dangerous health conditions lead the drugs-victims to an unnatural death.

Cocaine Withdrawal Complications

Cocaine addiction is such a dreadful practice, that the efforts of cocaine withdrawal cause the worst level of cravings. And after the last dose, the cocaine users find the first month of withdrawal very hard. The efforts to stay away from this addiction makes the cocaine users uncomfortable as their brain circuits do not get supply the ‘feel good’ hallucinations. As a result, they start to sink into severe levels of depression and it leads to suicidal thoughts in their mind.

Therefore, to get proper support for cocaine withdrawal treatment, the cocaine users need to go to a rehabilitation centre.

While cocaine users choose to hire the advanced support of a rehabilitation centre to get rid of cocaine addiction, they get two options: Inpatient rehabilitation and Outpatient rehabilitation

Why Inpatient Rehabilitation Is Much Effective To Get Back Patients in Normal Daily Life

In rehab cape town, both the processes have unique supports and advantages to get rid of this dreadful addiction.

Treatment Facilities in Inpatient Rehab

  • Inpatient rehabilitation programmes have more intensive care protocols for cocaine victims. This type of rehabilitation offers a residential observation facility in the clinic. In a professional environment, the patients have to stay under frequent checking protocols. This type of environment helps the patients to diminish their irritation while they start to convince their mindset about not being familiar with the ‘feel good’ hallucination effect of cocaine. As well as 24 hours monitoring by medical practitioners help the patients to be free from any artificial stress.
  • In the controlled environment of rehab, the patients always get emotional support, while they face unpleasant dreams and mood fluctuations.
  • The inpatient’s clinics have a long list of successful stories, as this type of rehabilitation programme involves the family to enhance emotional bonding for encouraging real feel-good psychology.
  • Inpatient follows an effective policy to get back the conscious mindset of the patients. They allow the patient’s family to counsel the patient.

This inpatient rehabilitation programme always confronts all kinds of psychological distractions, which affects the cocaine victims. In the controlled ambience of inpatient rehab, the counsellors, doctors and psychologists take the important decisions after group discussions to enhance the medical condition of the cocaine victims. Generally, in any reputed rehab, this type of programme can prolong from 28 days to 6 months. The durability of the programme depends on the level of critical health conditions of the patients.

In Conclusion

Finally, the constant efforts of medical professionals, effect of detox therapy provide huge support to the patients to face the dreadful session of cocaine withdrawal. And they successfully get rid of the addiction.

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