How Dedicated Server Contribute to Business Growth

Trying to make due with a shared server or electing to just accept the limitations of on-site digital infrastructure could lead to many problems. Investing in a dedicated server can help to minimize equipment and IT costs while providing businesses with superior performance and security.

No Equipment Purchase or Installation Costs

Hosting services can be an ideal resource for businesses that have only limited technology on-site. Migrating to the cloud can eliminate the need to purchase new hardware or to deal with a lengthy and costly installation, setup or configuration process. Electing for a dedicated server can eliminate many of the security concerns, service issues and customization limitations that are associated with a shared arrangement. For businesses that have only a limited budget to work with and organizations that lack the IT expertise needed to setup and manage their own server, working with a managed service provider can often be the most cost effective and conventional solution.

Superior Customization Opportunities

Being able to set up and customize the software, platforms and other digital infrastructure that will best meet the needs of users, employees and associates can be of vital importance for optimizing growth. Data storage options and cloud-services that haven’t been designed with the unique needs of a specific business in mind can become a real obstacle. Securing their own dedicated server means that businesses will have the opportunity to utilize the best software, tools and resources in order to design their own infrastructure from the ground up.

Enhanced Security

Digital security is never a concern to be taken lightly. Working with a shared server can entail an element of risk that many businesses may find is simply too high. Given the potential consequences and lasting harm that can be caused by even a minor data breach, taking additional precautions to ensure that all sensitive files, data and digital information can be made as secure as possible is often the wisest course of action. For businesses that have reservations regarding a shared server, electing to make use of dedicated server hosting from Liquid Web can provide enhanced security as well as greater peace of mind.

Reliable Bandwidth

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to access the cloud, especially in time-sensitive situations where quick action or a prompt response may be required. It is not uncommon for shared servers to experience fluctuating bandwidth during peak hours. Electing to make use of a private server ensures that businesses will be able to enjoy faster transfer speeds, more reliable bandwidth and uninterrupted access to files, applications and information they need. Limited bandwidth is a problem that growing businesses would do well to avoid, especially organizations whose operational model or workflow depends on consistency or quick reaction time.

According to Joe Oesterling, Chief Technology Officer at Liquid Web, “managed services that include dedicated server hosting can help keep businesses dreaming bigger and doing more.” Digital infrastructure that can be expanded to better adapt to the changing needs of a business can help to eliminate many of the obstacles and potential bottlenecks that might otherwise inhibit future growth.

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