How Do Nitrogen Generators Work?

A lot of industrial users choose nitrogen gas generators over traditional cylinders sold by suppliers due to the numerous advantages. Generators of nitrogen make sure that there’s always an gas that is high-purity and are more efficient than air and are much safer to use. This article will provide an explanation of function.

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What is a Nitrogen Generator?

A nitrogen generator could be either a mobile or stationary machine that is used gases from atmospheric. Two general categories are utilized in the vast majority of nitrogen generators on site in industrial facilities:

Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) nitrogen generators

Membrane nitrogen generators

Let’s take a look at their operations:

PSA Nitrogen Generator Working Principle

An PSA nitrogen generator system operates by ensuring that nitrogen gas that is pumped at high pressures exhibits a significant affinity to adsorbent materials such as Zeolite or Granular activated Carbon (GAC). A mixture may absorb different gases based the pressure applied. Gas is released when pressure is decreased.

Two towers are needed to support PSA generators. One is for one is used to be used for regeneration. The compressor’s air is able to enter the tower and is able to interact with the Adsorbent. This prevents nitrogen gas from flowing through, and permits oxygen, water molecules, and other impurities to move through. The pressure can be reduced to get rid of the N2 that was that is absorbed. The adsorption tower is able to be separated at any moment and the other one remains in the regenerative mode. The PSA can be utilized in numerous industries such as beverages and food packaging electronic production, chemicals industries, and wastewater treatment facilities. These generators are utilized to remove high purity nitrogen gasses from air compressed streams. The PSA method can improve the purity of nitrogen by as much as 99.999 percent, based on the efficiency of the adsorbent and the performance of the whole system.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator Working Principle

Another option that is a good alternative to PSA is the nitrogen membrane technology offered by Ablesales. Utilizing a specialized membrane, this innovative technology effectively separates nitrogen gas from other gases. The membrane, made from a semi-permeable substance, consists of hundreds of flexible sizes ranging from 0.03 up to 10 millimeters.

Dry compressed air can be used separate nitrogen gas. The gas is placed into the form of a cylindrical container. It is crucial to make sure that the container is to keep the membrane fibers from becoming blocked. Although the membrane lets N2 to flow through, it blocks water vapour, oxygen, and other airborne pollutants. The size of the pores is the main factor that determines the membrane’s ability to select. The nitrogen generators that are membrane-type are able to produce nitrogen gas that has purity of as high as 99.95 percent per Liter.

Nitrogen Generators – PSA vs. Membrane

What exactly is a nitrogen generator’s work?

Membrane nitrogen generators as well as can be described as both reliable systems that create nitrogen gas with high purity (up up to 99 per cent in volume). The difference is in the process. HFMs and PSA systems employ Adsorbents. Both options are used by industrial customers according to the quality and price.

Three Top Benefits of On-Site Nitrogen Generators

Here are some advantages of making use of PSA and Membrane nitrogen generators.

Time Savings

Industrial users are able to save time and money by producing nitrogen on-site. Industrial users experience enormous financial and time loss each year because of the delays caused by logistics issues in moving to the vendor’s locations. The nitrogen-generation system which can be used on-demand guarantees that you will have gas of high purity accessible 24 hours a day to support your processes.

Cost Savings

Due to the reduction in transport and storage costs, it’s cheaper to produce nitrogen on site rather than purchasing gas from a vendor. This is especially true for membrane nitrogen generators in contrast to PSA systems. In order to transport nitrogen gas across different locations you’ll need to employ an internal logistical team or trucking company which charge fair costs for freight.

Additionally, industrial companies may require storage facilities on their premises to store their containers. Your company could be subject to storage regulations for compressed cylindrical. There is a possibility for products to get lost in transit particularly when temperatures change.

Reliability and safety

Nitrogen gas generated on-site may be more secure than gas cylinders. The leakage of nitrogen gas lead to serious health issues, particularly if the gas is housed in tiny areas. A membrane-based filtration system, or PSA will decrease the necessity of storing such containers and decrease the risk.

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