How do you make a logo design?

Usually, people think that creating a logo is a very important part of the job, which should spend many hours and make thousands of sketches of logos, from which then you can choose the winning logo.

Immediately discard such and such thoughts.

Initially, if you are creating a logo for your website or firm, you want your “brand” to start to be memorable so that you can start making more money from your website or business. And if you put all your attention and time into creating a logo now, then this phase (the logo design phase) will stretch for weeks or even months. And all this time your site or firm will be idle without work.

In advance I want to tell you what awaits you next – you will be remaking your logo anyway. Of course not right away, maybe six months or a year later, but you’ll be redoing the first version of the logo. So now try not to focus on the fact that your logo has to be “super-mega-individual-chic.” If it’s your first logo, it should just be, and then you’ll always have time to redo it.

Just remember – your time is worth money and you don’t need to waste it on a long logo design that you will redo in the future. So don’t hesitate now and create your first logo in a short period, and spend the remaining time on your firm, your business, or your website.

Okay, that’s clear and now let’s figure out what options there are for making a logo.

Three options for how to make a logo

There are three options for creating a logo that requires different resources and time:

  1. Making the logo yourself;
  2. Creating a logo with the help of a freelance designer;
  3. Creating a logo with the help of a logo generator.

Each option has its pros and cons and I’ll talk about them below.

Option 1: Create a logo by yourself with the help of graphic editors

This option is great for those who know a graphic editor, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. If you have never worked with these editors, then I advise you to skip this option and go straight to the next, because the time to master the editor will have to spend a lot (but if you have, then why not).

On the net, there are a huge number of training videos, on how to work with the above tools. For example, you can watch the video of one of the top designers, who shows the process of designing a logo from scratch.

Pros of the method

  • Free;
  • You can easily edit the logo yourself if necessary.

Cons of the method

  • You will have to master the work in graphics editors;
  • Very time-consuming;
  • A good logo will not work the first time.

This option to create a logo is worth using if you have a lot of free time and/or you want to learn graphic editors to work. In all other cases, it is recommended to use one of the following options.

Option 2: Creating a logo with a freelance designer

This option is better, but it also has a downside. With the help of a freelancer, you can create a beautiful logo, but it will not be free and also not very fast. Let me tell you – the prices for logo design start at $ 10 and go up to several thousand for some guru-designer. Naturally, in the early stages of paying tens of thousands of dollars for the design of the logo, is not worth it.

A big plus of this option to develop a logo is that designers often try to make a normal logo, to then add it to his portfolio. So if you have an extra 10-50 dollars, it is worth ordering a logo from a freelance designer.

Such freelancers can be found at any exchange. They provide a list of freelance designers, along with examples of their work and the cost of these works.

The pros of this option

  • Requires less time than the independent creation of a logo;
  • Get a beautiful, personalized logo.

Cons of this option

  • Development takes a few days;
  • There is a variant that the performer will make a low-quality logo and will need to order from another;
  • Not free (an average of $10-50).

Option 3: Create a logo with the logo generator (the best option).

Let me tell you right away that this option would be best if you are creating a logo for the first time. But if you’ve created a logo before and you just want to redo it, then it’s better to use “Option 2”.

This method is considered the best, because it allows you to see a huge number of logos, pick the best one for yourself while saving a lot of time and money. Oh yes, I forgot to tell – this method is also not free, and costs from 10 dollars. But it has 100500 variants of the logo and I guarantee that you will choose the right one for you and save a lot of time on logo design. So, to the point:

There are a lot of logo generators out there, but you can settle on the one that appeals to you most. And usually many people use them to make logos both for their own sites and recommend them to others.‚Äč An example of a logo generator is Turbologo.

Advantages of the method

  • Quick creation of a logo;
  • There is a large selection of different logos for every taste and color;
  • You control all the stages of the logo creation
  • It is possible to edit the logo after creation;
  • Payment after the choice of logo.

Disadvantages of the method

  • Logo generator is paid (from $10);
  • You need to select the appropriate style for the logo yourself.

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