How FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Changes in Beta

To begin with the Ultimate Team. It’s same in every way; you begin by selecting a country, after which you’ll receive a starter team according on the country you choose, you can buy cheap players with your FIFA 22 Coins, and last, you’ll look for a loan player. A few kits, a few badges, nothing has changed; it’s even the same menu layout scheme. Once you’ve completed all of this, you’re directed to the main menu. The main menu has been altered slightly, but only little; it remains based on the same tab layout as in FIFA 21, whereas previously the menu was divided into news, objectives, play transfers, and store. With FIFA 22, there are three primary tabs that you may move between with the LB/RB or L1/R1 keys on your console. These tabs are home play, club play, and match play. Once you click on one of these tabs, it will open up to the other gameplay features, allowing you to access him. Thus, beneath home, you’ll find news, objectives, transfers, SBCs, and a FIFA Coins store. Under the Home, you’ll find Squad Battles, Division Rivals, FUT Champions, and more.

With all of these gameplay features contained within the menu, it doesn’t appear as though they’ve changed all that much except for the store. When you head over here, you’ll notice that instead of going from left to right to select what you want, it’s actually a downward menu. The majority of the packages revolve on various types of icons. However, there are two completely random bundles that include artwork produced by EA. The stylish cat bundle and the clumsy canine bundle each have between seven and eight customization options. the emblems, the uniforms, the banners, and the stadium themes. This is a new monetization mechanism that EA is experimenting with; a test was conducted a few months ago within FIFA 21. You don’t have to purchase the entire bundle; you can also purchase individual items, and each item has a set price associated with it when it comes to purchasing them with FUT coins. It doesn’t appear as though anyone is overly interested in these, but it does come down to what else they’re going to release and what types of bundles they’re going to release. however, this is the extent of the changes included within the menu in the big scheme of things. It’s nothing major, when it comes to gameplay, one of the key features that piqued my interest was fast motion. There was a lot of potential here in terms of what might be added and it was a buzzword, but the key issue is a difference, it didn’t seem like a huge one between FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 gameplay.

There are a few things when it came to defending. The back line does remain in place and if you select a player and pull them out of position, they immediately attempt to run back into position. This is definitely a plus, but despite their ability to run back into position, they did not appear overpowered. This came from when players attacked my defense.

When it comes to attacking, you’ll need to be careful of the angle at which you pass out when attempting to get the ball to another player, especially if there is a defending player between you and the other player, because if you get that angle wrong, the defending player will be able to intercept that every single time. The next thing is the 50-50 battles. EA mentioned the kinetic air battles, it’s supposed to be how defenders and attackers jostle as they rise to meet crosses, clearances, and long passes, but instead of this being a 50-50 battle in a year, it feels exactly like previous FIFA games, except that the game has already decided which player will be able to jump up and get the ball.

The final thing about hyper motion is the humanization that occurs within the game. While you don’t notice it as much while you’re playing, it seemed constantly while watching the trailer. The stat comes in at half time and full time. Once you reach half time, it has broken down absolutely everything. There will be stats for every single player that you would not believe. possession in its simplest form shooting passing, defending, and actions that occur when in possession This splits down the halves into 15 minutes, indicating which team had the most possession during that time period. Of course, there are 45 minutes and a half, which means there will be 15 minutes available for each of those hearts. You may view heat maps to determine precisely where the ball was played during the shot. You’ve got your total statistics. This shows total shots and target total of target and blocked shots, you didn’t have shooting types such as normal finesse, header low volley chip and set piece, you had shooting distances inside and outside the box and you had shoot in aim whether it was near side or far side, under passing you had passing overall, this is total passes completed. Additionally, you have infractions, which include files committed penalties, committed yellow cards, and red cards, and finally, you have events, which simply show the goals scored.

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