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How Much Does Window Replacement Cost in Thornhill?

If you want to improve your living conditions, then consider installing new windows and doors at Thornhill.

What good will that do?

Let’s start with aesthetics: your home will become visually more attractive.

In addition, you will reduce the cost of electricity. New doors and windows will protect you from drafts, dust and street noise.

And finally, such an investment will definitely pay for itself if you decide to sell the house. Modern window and door systems will make the house more competitive in the real estate market.

Keep reading if you want to know how much it will cost to replace your windows and doors and where to buy them.


Factors That Affect the Cost of Replacement Windows

Let’s start with what affects the cost of the window systems:

  • Material of which the frame is made

Wooden frames used to be very popular. However, in our climate they require constant care, because they can rot and deform.

That’s why most of the contractors switched to vinyl windows. This material does not need special care, it can withstand extreme weather conditions and will serve the homeowners for 15-20 years.

  • Glass size and quality

The bigger the window frame and glass are, the more expensive the price will be.

The glass can be made of various materials, which also affects the final cost of your project.

  • Additional characteristics of the glass

This includes tinting as well as energy-saving coatings such as Loe.

  • Window model

You can choose casement, single or double hung, single or double slider, awning, bay and bow windows. Each of these designs has a price range.

  • Fittings

Handles and other decorative items can also affect the cost of your order.

  • Mounting

Different types of windows and doors have different installation features. Because of this, the installation of some designs may cost you a little more.

Let’s consider the process of installation of traditional window systems:

  1. Metering

The contractor comes to the site, and you discuss the desired model. After that the installer measures the depth of the window joint, as well as the height and width of the window.

  1. Old window dismantling

A professional will do it as carefully as possible, so as not to damage your repair.

At this stage, the contractor has to sharpen the external cladding. Also, he can enlarge the window aperture if you plan to install larger windows.

  1. Manufacture of new window systems

There are many options available to help make perfect windows for your home.

  1. Preassembly work

At this stage, the installer checks that the walls are smooth and steep. This is done to eliminate any gaps that should not appear during the installation process.

  1. Installation

This process also includes the installation of the interior insulation .

Now you can enjoy your new beautiful windows!

Average Cost of Windows Replacement in Thornhill

  • Single windows cost $200-600.
  • Double ones will cost 400-1000 CAD. The first two options are excellent for the classical design of the house.
  • Single slider costs 300-1000 CAD.
  • Double slider has a price of 400-1400 CAD. Such sliding models are usually installed in homes with modern design.
  • Single Hung costs $100-300.
  • Double Hung costs 400-600 dollars.

To save even more, you can replace all the windows in the house at once. As a rule, many companies give discounts on big orders.

Do you know where to order new windows and doors at Thornhill?

Contact the popular Canadian company Vinyl Light. This brand cooperates directly with leading manufacturers of such products and offers affordable prices for the whole range of models.

You will be satisfied with the high quality and wide selection of the products and accessories.

Vinyl Light Windows & Doors is the best contractor on the Thornhill market!

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