How much to work to become Rich as an Affiliate Marketer

In this world, a person normally works to earn money for his living and well being. The need and greed to earn money is natural as money is perceived as a power of achievement. With the power of money, arguably all the things that a person wishes can be acquired. Whether it is food, clothes, home, servants, Cars, Holiday Travels, Entertainments and all you can think can be obtained with the power of money. Therefore the urge to have more and more money to get rich and powerful is a source of motivation that charges a person to work harder. But the question is that how much and how long should a person work daily to fulfill his dreams of earning big money and getting rich? 

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Let’s analyze an average working life of a human being with earning potential. Although there are 24 hours a day but as a human being, many hours are spent for other needs like an average of 8 hours of sleep, an average of 1 hours for daily meals, an average of 1 hour of daily travelling and an average of 2 hours daily for other miscellaneous activities like using toilets, watching TV, using Internet, Chatting with friends and family, Praying, occasional illness and many similar activities. Now this leaves us with a maximum of 12 hours of the day if anyone wants to work like crazy all the time to earn money.

Having said the above, it means that a person can spare 12 hours a day working to his maximum to earn money. If he earn at an hourly rate then he can make money 12 hours a day working by himself. The more time he works, the more he earns. In this hypothesis, the person earns when he works and does not earn when he does not work. This is true in most of the cases but at the same time it is not the case when it comes to evaluating the rich persons working pattern of the world today. Now let’s discuss the phenomenon in a bit detail below.

Firstly let’s discuss the scenario that money is earned if a person works himself. This would be the case if a person works as an employee in a job. In such a case, he earns for the work days he spend in his job and is usually paid a fixed monthly salary or fixed weekly remuneration or hourly wage rate. This could be also a case when a person is self-employed skilled professional like practicing doctor, practicing lawyer, practicing accountant, professional Singer, Professional Actor and many other skilled professions. In such case, they can only earn money if they work themselves. In such a scenario, if for any reason a person does not work then the person cannot earn money. In this case it is important to work harder to earn big money.

Secondly, let’s now discuss another scenario that money is not earned only if the person works himself but a person can also earn when money or system works for him. A businessman, in fact, does not focus on how much time he is working himself but makes his resources work for him to earn money.  Instead of working himself, he uses his money to employ other person who works for him. Similarly, Instead of working himself, he uses his money to create a system of human resource and infrastructure to work for him. Therefore, in case of a businessman, it is not significant that how much time does the businessman work himself. It is the money and system that works for him to earn money. In this case it is important for the businessman to work smarter (not harder) to earn abundance of money.

In the first scenario where a person works as an employee, worker or self-employed, there is a relation of working long hours to earn more money. Normally, in such cases, the wealth accumulation is limited due to limiting factor of available working hours in life. A person may not be able to work continuously for 10 to 12 hours a day to earn money. Moreover, it is not necessary that such a person has so many employment opportunities to keep him working all the time. In the economic recession times when there is downsizing and low wage rates then such persons are not able to earn big money despite of working hard and long hours. There are only a very few examples in this category who accumulated wealth to break their economic vicious circle and became wealthy. Although there are a few examples of people who became rich in this category but mostly people in this category spends their life earning just enough to meet their livings. For this category of people, they must work hard and for as long hours as possible to earn Big money.

In the second scenario where a person works in a category of entrepreneur or businessman, there is no relationship of working hours and making money. This category of people is most suitable to accumulate wealth as there is no limiting constraint of their available working hours of life. The more money they earn, the more they use the earned money to work for them. They keep on earning money and keep on making their money work for them. This is the reason that in a life span of a successful entrepreneur ends up accumulating more wealth compared to the working time spent. These categories of people have the most examples of the rich people in today’s world. For this category of people, they must work smart (not working hard for long hours) to earn Big money. Check out Affiliate Marketing Explained, if you want to know about Affiliate Marketing.

To conclude, it is certain that it depends on your occupation and your working pattern which defines how much time should be spent working to achieve big earnings. As discussed earlier, for some people working hard long hours brings them money whereas for some people working hours have no relation to the money earned. People to wish to earn more than the time they work should consider becoming an entrepreneur. Among the best working roles is the affiliate marketing model which brings the potential of working smarter instead of working harder and still achieving high earnings in shorter period of time. One of such earning opportunities is through PMbizbee affiliate which I myself has tried and achieved my earning goals successfully

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