How Solar Lights Are Made?

It’s simple. The sun’s energy is captured by solar panels on poles (or solar power generators if you prefer). The energy is converted into DC power from AC and stored in an electric battery, also mounted to a pole.

The energy management system has sensors that detect drops in light. When this happens, the LED fixture is turned on and draws power from the battery.

What to do before you start

Before you make any purchase for Street lighting, be sure to check out the manufacturer that you are going to use for your lights. Many solar market manufacturers have a one-size-fits-all approach. It is necessary to have qualified lighting engineers design and size each light to get maximum energy per day and the best output of lumens for the lot. Poor quality lighting can result in wasted time and costly repairs.

Also, a manufacturer that offers a strong warranty will be a good choice, regardless of whether it is limited or comprehensive. For a full understanding of your warranty’s terms, be sure to read every document.

Solar Parking Lot Lights Are Worth It? Let’s find out why.

Many businesses and municipalities see solar parking lot lights as a costly investment and shudder at the upfront cost. The additional solar components will make a solar lighting system about 50% cheaper than a traditional lamp.

If a grid-tie traditional light costs 2,000, expect a solar lamp to cost 3,000.

You may be asking yourself, is it worth investing in a photovoltaic light source?

A lot of outdoor parking lots have plenty of space. Installing grid electric park lights requires that they be connected to the electricity grid and laid wires. Best solar powered LED parking lot lights have never been connected to the power grid and are therefore more widely used.

Installation anywhere

Solar Parking Lot Lights can be placed anywhere you like, provided it is not connected to the grid. It can be mounted on remote islands or in remote camps. Additionally, it can be installed in remote locations, as solar street lights can also be used in areas that are vulnerable to natural disasters.

There is no electricity wiring

Solar car parking lighting saves time and money as it does not require trenching to install traditional electrical wiring. Instead, place an anchor base pole on a concrete foundation. Once the pole is installed, the solar power arrangement and light fixture can be mounted on the top. It will give you light in less than a day and not weeks of digging or pouring concrete.

Because the solar streetlamp can only be powered by the sun 100%, it is an entirely off-grid lighting system. It will not create electricity or cause pollution. It is also 100% eco-friendly, making it a popular choice for countries and regions with high electricity bills.


Because of the continuous improvement in solar battery technology, the solar street light quality is now extremely stable. Furthermore, our installation record and project engineer data indicate that the failure rate of solar street lighting is approximately 0.1%. Therefore, maintenance cost for Solar lighting distributors and users is very low.

Intelligent Control

End-users can control lighting modes via a remote control, mobile phone app, or from their smartphone. They can toggle ON/OFF and adjust brightness. Every component can be monitored via mobile APP to determine its working status and fail detection.

Trenching at Discounts

The trenching cost of lighting is the largest hidden expense. Do your research to find out how much it costs to wire and trench alight. But if time is a concern, we’ve done the calculations and done the research.

Costs to dig and connect one light can lead to a higher project cost depending on project details. It is easy to see how expensive this can add up, especially for large lots. The total cost of buying the lights can easily exceed the cost of the purchase. Extra charges may be charged, particularly if the parking area is already paved.

You’ll need to pay labor to crack pavement if it’s been paved. Also, customers will be able to block off that part of the lot. If you have limited parking and commuters who can be moved, you will need to find somewhere to put them.

Some places are unable to block off parking areas for lights because they don’t have time or the capability. This 2-week shut down period would force people to find other parking spots. Not ideal.

Plus, it’s unsightly. Opaque barriers are used to protect construction sites. It is done to protect people and hide their appearance.

You can skip the hassle and reap the benefit of solar lighting. The trenching, relocation, and unsightly construction are all eliminated. It also saves time and reduces the amount of work involved in shutting down the site.

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