Most Important Thing to Think About When Buying Rug

It’s easy for someone new to rug shopping to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and high price tags. Selecting a rug is ultimately down to three key factors: style, budget, and placement. It is important to consider how easily it cleans the rug. Also, how long do you intend it to be kept?

Before you can decide the style of your area rug’s design, you need to know the different available materials. There are pros, cons, and benefits to every type of rug material. Here are the eight most-used rug materials. We also have shopping recommendations from some of the top places to buy rugs.

Wool Rugs

A wool rug can be made using natural fibers. There are also machine-loomed rugs made of wool, but these are generally made with synthetic fibers and not real wool. True wool rugs cost more because of all the work required to create and construct them. But the quality is great. Wool rugs can often be handed down from generation to generation, making them an ideal heirloom investment. This rug is suitable for high-traffic areas, such as the living and bedroom, entryways, and bedrooms.

It holds color beautifully, cleans up easily after spills, and feels soft. While this type of rug will cost more than other materials due to its repellency, it is definitely worth the investment. You will need to vacuum the wool regularly for the first few months as it does shed.

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs have a luxurious look, regardless of whether they are 100% silk or a combination of both. Silk rugs, aside from their sheen, are often thin, fine, soft, and supple.

Silk rugs are extremely delicate and are difficult to clean. Rayon or viscose can be used as a synthetic alternative to silk. However, they are less durable and more prone to tearing than the real thing.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton is a cost-effective and fun material for rugs. Expert states that cotton is susceptible to staining and fades quickly. Cotton rugs should be used in casual areas and can be changed depending on your mood or season.

Jute Rugs

Natural rugs made from bamboo and jute add a coastal touch to any indoor area. Expert says, These are a nice option for rooms needing texture and they’re an affordable value, especially in areas where large rugs may be required. The natural rugs can be used as a layer underneath smaller, decorative rugs. If you have a beautiful 6×9′ rug that is too small to accommodate your seat groupings, then layer it with a properly sized natural weave rug. Make sure the jute and bamboo rugs you buy are approved to be exposed to the elements and you can also buy custom rugs with logo.

Faux Fur/ Faux Hide Rugs

Faux fur or faux hide is a great option if you don’t love the idea of buying animal hide, or if money is tight. Expert says faux fur rugs can be made of acrylic and synthetic mixes and are typically power-woven. These rugs offer luxury fur without the concern of ethical sources.

Microfiber/Polyester Rugs

Another type is a microfiber rug. These rugs are made from either 100% polyester or a mixture thereof. Microfiber Rugs are made with tiny strands and thread to give the rug a soft feel. Expert says they’re machine-woven but can mimic more expensive wool rug designs. PET, which is made out of recycled plastic bottles and feels softer to the touch, is the standout synthetic rug material.

Expert says synthetic rugs are usually inexpensive, which makes them great for people who just want to add some color but don’t have the budget. Synthetic fiber rugs tend to get dirty quicker than traditional wool rugs. This is because the smooth strands don’t trap dirt.

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