How Submission Letter to travel along with Expired Card?

People have confirmed and bought tickets and then just to find out that their Pakistan Overseas Card has run out of time. They are now stuck in this situation since they don’t know what to do. Your card has expired and you’ve bought the tickets, and you’re headed to Pakistan to meet your relatives. But how can you travel? When your NADRA Card is no more valid. If NADRA Card Center wasn’t there to tell you what to do, it might get you into a lot of trouble. With a renewal slip obtained from the NADRA office, overseas Pakistanis with lost Card, Don’t worry Apply for NADRA Card Renewal may enter Pakistan.

You can use this service to send your application and get a letter approving letter for a safe journey to Pakistan. After we receive your application, we send it for processing and provide you a Submission Letter. If you have both this letter and your original, Expired NADRA NICOP, you can travel without any restrictions. Yes, it is a 100 percent safe procedure, and the Pakistani government has also approved dual nationalities traveling to Pakistan in this way.

Submission Letter:

You can get your application processed the same day it is filed with the assistance of the NADRA Card Center. Once we have processed your file and received all the proper documents, we will send you a soft copy of the fingerprint application. Once you give it back. We submit an application to the NADRA headquarters and give you the letter attesting to the submission of the application as confirmation that your NADRA Card UK has been renewed.

NADRA Experts are here to satisfy you:

We have a team of experts who can satisfy clients and assist them in a smooth way by completing the paperwork process. They have good communication abilities. We take pride in NADRA assisting our clients in seeing their friends and family with the least amount of difficulties and resolving their concerns in the shortest period of time possible.


Only the urgent renewal of NICOP is eligible for the procedure we have described above. If not, NADRA Card Center advised you to wait to purchase your tickets until you have received all of your proper documents from us. Your application process could be delayed for a number of reasons. It is occasionally seen that an applicant’s error in completing a form or in later-submitted papers results in issues like delay or rejection. NADRA Card won’t be liable for any delays resulting from this type of hassle.

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