How to choose a perfect wig for your face shape?

Nowadays, many women and girls are wearing wigs. But a wrong wig style can ruin your outlook. If you want to buy a perfect wig, you have to select which wig style goes for your face shape. But before this, you have to know what kind of face shape you have. So, now, decide which face shape you have- oval, round, long face? After figuring out the face shape, it’s time to know the best wig style for you. Please read it carefully and get your necessary information.

Measure your face shape by following the tips and choose your wig –

  • Take a mirror and stand comfortably in front of it.
  • Use a marker pen or soap bar so that you can clean the mirror later. Then draw your face outline on the mirror surface.
  • You also can use your recent photograph for that.
  • Keep your photo on the table. Take a tracing paper and draw our face shape with a pencil.

What is your wig style?

  • Wigs for heart face: 

Heart faces have a broad forehead, a thinner chin that looks like a triangle, and angular cheekbones. If you are a heart-faced person, then your hairline is “widow’s pick.” Flattering wigs are the most stylish for heart-shaped faces. You can also make a wig with a bang that is across your forehead. You can again buy a bob wig; it also suits heart faces.

  • Square face shape: 

A broad jawline considers a square face shape. It has the same width in the forehead. If you are a person with a square face with a strong jawline, then an exact layered or wavy hair wig is the best for your face. So, to compliment your shape, you may buy lace wigs with many layers. But it would help if you kept the length of your wig long.

  • Oval Shape face: 

Suppose you have an oval shape face-cut, Congratulation! You have the “ideal” look. Oval faces are narrower at the jawline, and the hairline is also in around shape. This face shape is around one in length and half if it’s in width. You face suitable for every kind of hairstyles and wigs. The most flattering accurately wigs set on the head of oval face shape. You can buy a bob wig with long hair.

  • Wig style for round shape: 

A round face is relatively short. It is also broad with fullness under the cheekbones. The largest part of the round face shape is where the cheek and ears have. Longer hair wigs are the best choice for you if you have a round face. It will help your face to soften your cheeks. But you have to avoid blunt cuts around your jawline.

  • Wigs for long face: 

Long faces have extended length and narrow width. If you have a long face shape, your jawline and forehead will seem like a similar width. So, this shape makes the chin pointed. For this type of face, a chin-length wig can create a great look. You can keep your wig hair wavy and curly to look flawless. It will also increase the volume of your wig hair.


When you can successfully identify your face shape, you can easily choose your wigs. It will make you more beautiful with your hair wig. Now you can try whatever you want. Also, you can experiment with different wig styles and colors. But be sure first, you are comfortable and confident with your wig and wig style. You can try to follow this guide or also can select your wig as your choice. I hope this writing will help you to make your outstanding wig collection.

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