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How To Choose A Towel Rail For Your Bathroom

Designing your dream bathroom?

You’ve probably thought long and hard about the type of bathtub, shower, sink and toilet you want, but the towel rail or radiator is an essential part of your bathroom or ensuite too.

Aside from heating the room – creating a warm environment for whiling away the hours relaxing in the bath or pampering yourself – it’s a functional space to hang and dry towels.

Towel rails also add a touch of luxury to your space.

However, available in various shapes, sizes and styles, selecting the perfect one for your bathroom can be difficult.

Below we look at some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a towel rail for your bathroom.

· Size

First and foremost, you need to think about where your towel radiator will go. This will help to determine a suitable size for your space.

It’s also helpful to consider how many people will use it and what size will heat the room best.

If you’re blessed with a spacious bathroom, mounting a larger radiator to the wall will maximise your space while heating the room efficiently.

It will also allow you to dry multiple towels at once, which is handy if many people are using the bathroom.

· Style

Heated towel rails come in various stylish designs – not to mention an array of colours.

You’re bound to find yourself spoilt for choice between the standard, designer and aluminium options.

But it helps if you think about what style will work well with the rest of your bathroom décor, whether it be cool and contemporary or classic and timeless.

· Shape

Do you want a straight or curved ladder towel radiator?

Those with straight rails protrude less – making them a space-saving option for your bathroom – while still offering plenty of space to hang your towels.

Curved towel rails, on the other hand, are sleek and stylish and offer some extra room, allowing your towels to dry faster, ensuring there is always a warm, soft towel waiting for you.

· Finish

Once you’ve chosen a shape, size and style, the next thing to do is decide on a finish.

A chrome towel rail will provide a modern look and make your room look bigger by reflecting natural light and bathroom lighting.

For a more sophisticated finish in either your modern or traditional bathroom, opt for a black towel radiator. If you’re a fan of monochrome, one of these rails will perfectly contrast white walls.

White towel rails are an excellent choice for brightening up your bathroom or ensuite. They work especially well with neutral hues.

· Practicality

Although a towel rail will make a gorgeous addition to your bathroom, it needs to serve a practical purpose.

With that in mind, if your bathroom is small and cosy, go for a wall-mounted towel rail at waist height. Not only will it allow you to hang and dry towels but it’ll free up space below for storage.

If your central heating is at floor level, a floor-mounted towel rail will be ideal – helping to create a comfortable space for invigorating showers and relaxing soaks.

· Price

Towel rails and radiators are available at various price points.

Setting yourself a realistic budget is a sensible idea – one that will prevent you from overspending and also help to narrow your options down.

Usually, high-quality towel rails and designer radiators cost more than standard options. And a smaller towel rail is likely to cost less than a larger design. But look around and explore the different options available.

Start your search today

If you’re looking for the perfect heated towel rail for your newly renovated bathroom, be sure to visit The Plumbline.

They have an extensive range of towel rails available in several styles, shapes and sizes and offer some of the most competitive prices around. You’re sure to find something that ticks all the right boxes for you and your bathroom!

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