How to choose a web design company? 7 Step Guide

  1. What are your expectations for the design of your company’s website?

Web design is a long process, and I don’t mean the fact that the webpage is completed, nor the long time, but the relationship after the webpage is completed. Website is complete, bye! Until then, what do Web design in Cyprus companies do? Have you ever thought that the normal thing is that once the work is done, the design company leaves and only contacts you once a year to send you the hosting bill (the servers hosting the network)?

Yes, it’s normal…but from our point of view it shouldn’t, it’s kind of close to morality. Now I have a new website, what? Do you want a website to acquire/search for new potential customers (“leads”) these seemingly simple questions to answer, but they are not, we tell you:

You want a website to showcase your products or services, and you want a website that generates new customers at the same time. If a company provides you with an incredible web page to showcase your product or service, but they are not SEO experts…you will have a beautiful website that your potential customers can’t access, and they will be looking for someone like you company, but they won’t find you.

  1. Web Design Budget and Price Range


The first thing you should consider is the budget you can invest in your page’s web design. Invest, not throw away. Depending on your affordability, you can get a template website, from a well-known mass web design brand advertised on TV, to a premium design that is elegantly designed and works on all mobile devices.

How to evaluate a budget for web design and positioning?

When you receive an offer from a web design company, you should know if it includes all web design including images, necessary text writing, revisions, etc. Do not hesitate to ask for all of these to exclude in your case companies that augment web design based on what you need to add to the web, or charge extra for extra images, or include more service tags.

  1. Do you need a web design for your company on a specific date?

One of the things that must be addressed when looking for a web design provider is whether they can get the job done on the date your company needs. If you’re not in a hurry, network prices won’t go up. Now, if you come up with a web design urgently, depending on which company you will find higher prices, it is perfectly logical that they have to allocate more resources to your web project on time.

If you needed a website yesterday, you’re going to have to spend more Normal for a service network project for a company selling products and/or services, up to 10 internal service description pages, etc. The duration of a Web development in Limassol Cyprus project might be between 1 month and 2 months, so you can have references.

  1. Do you need mobile-friendly web design?

The main question is to choose mobile web or responsive web? You can ask yourself if you need a mobile and tablet-friendly website and come to a conclusion, but that’s okay, if you come to the conclusion that your website doesn’t need to be mobile-friendly, we’ll tell you the following: “While your company doesn’t need it, but it actually does.”

Your company needs a mobile-friendly website!

Currently, the connection of mobile devices to the web is growing, and what we can tell you is that mobile devices are no longer the future, but the present. This is not the main reason why you should have your website ready for mobile devices; the main reason has to do with targeting.

  1. Why don’t you look at the web design company’s product portfolio?

A web design company’s portfolio (or client portfolio) showcases some of the work they do, so it can serve as a guide to understand what they can do with web design, and whether you like their style or style. Often, a web design company can adapt to the style of the web page that the client wants.

  1. A web design company with similar industry experience

No need. It’s important to know if a web design company has experience in your particular field, and while it’s not conclusive, it can be very useful. Why? Because the web is designed with whom potential customers are and how they search on Google, the fact that they have worked in a market similar to yours will give them more confidence.

So everything will start in the best possible way and in a few months, when you see your site in Google in an important position, the results will be good, otherwise, no doubt the results will not be taken into account, they don’t exist at all. But again, creative companies working on web design and Google positioning have to reinvent themselves every day, so if we haven’t worked in your field before, that’s not a problem, we’ll be experts in your field helping your company.

  1. You choose… Wisely

In the end, you will choose wisely:

  • You don’t design your website or your computer friends
  • You want and ask for a website that attracts new customers (at the same price)
  • You spend an average budget on the design and SEO of your website
  • We’ve convinced you, now you need a mobile-friendly website
  • You have reviewed the portfolio of the web design firm you have selected as a candidate
  • You have chosen a web design company that has experience in a field similar to yours
  • You have chosen a web design company, SEO experts

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