How to Choose Contact Lenses?

Today, contact lenses are preferred over eyeglasses for their comfort and convenience. It suits the active lifestyle, allowing engagement in various activities. With proper care, they can offer great comfort and style.

It is crucial to look for the budget, eye sensitivity, and lens type. This article offers some criteria for choosing appropriate lenses.

Stick to your budget! Today’s technological advancements help offer affordable lens options. Despite the prescriptions, it’s essential to study lens options before getting one.

Unlike eyeglasses, the lenses allow us to enjoy occasions to the fullest. They may be occasional or full-time wear. Despite the vision requirements, you can always buy a pair under your budget.

  • Eye sensitivity.

Contact lenses sydney come in direct contact with the eyes. Keeping your sensitivity in check, pick a lens that won’t irritate your eyes. Look for lenses high in water content or increased oxygen permeability. Experienced optometrists provide the best combination necessary for your lens type.

Consult an eye doctor to get a prescription and better guidance. Daily and monthly wear lenses vary in different aspects. Material, suitability, and price are of prime importance. Hence, one with sensitive eyes may get affordable lenses.

  • Options of available lenses.

A spokesperson at the American Academy of Ophthalmology stated, 10 percent of the total population wore rigid gas-permeable lenses. A study showed 17 percent of lens wearers were between 18-24 years of age. Let’s get a brief idea of each type of lens.

  • Soft lenses

They are commonly prescribed for treating various eye problems. Namely- myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia.

Being comfortable and easy to adapt makes them suitable for daily wear. Such lenses range from one-day lenses to quarterly and monthly lenses. For optimum usage, remove lenses at night for cleaning and disinfecting.

Soft lenses may also be for extended wear. They are wearable even while sleeping. However, certain complications may arise. Debris build-up under the lens, corneal and eye infections may occur.

  • Rigid gas permeable lenses

Coming to rigid gas permeable lenses. They offer a clear and crisp vision for individuals with eye problems. Being durable, they suit dry eyes quickly. It provides more oxygen to the cornea. Routine cleaning and disinfecting are recommended.

It may take about a week to adjust to the lens. If the prescription remains unchanged, one may wear the lenses for three years.

  • Specialized lenses

Lastly, the specialized lenses. Vision needs may ask for technical wear. Up first is the hybrid lens, with a rigid gas permeable center and soft outer rings. They are suitable for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. More so, they can be more ideal than traditional gas permeable lenses.

The second type is multifocal lenses. It treats myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism at the same time. Tinted lenses are meant for therapy or cosmetic needs. They help to enhance color perception, correcting color blindness.

Scleral lenses are giant lenses extending up to the sclera. It helps to correct vision and distorted cornea. Orthokeratology refers to the lens worm during sleep. They are designed specially to change the corneal curve. Thereby offering clear vision when awake.

Contact lens coating is a must to prevent bacterial build-up. The slippery surface prevents bacteria from sticking to it. Both soft and rigid gas permeable lenses can make use of it.

Summing up!

Choosing the right contact lenses is crucial to avoid any eye complications. Hence, follow the tips mentioned above for a clear vision. Clean and disinfect lenses with approved contact lens solutions. Minimize contact with water and saliva, changing lenses as recommended.

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