What to Expect During Acne Extraction?

The extraction of acne is a standard procedure, which is used to treat many forms of acne. Pimples are complicated, and sometimes it affects our confidence as well. When a breakout happens, it’s always frustrating.

Resisting the urge to pop the spot is hard, and many fail in it. It doesn’t matter how much you read about acne treatment on the internet; skin experts/dermatologists don’t encourage you to do it at home by yourself. You should get proper treatment from a reputed skin clinic only. More information about it is available on

Whenever you have a severe acne issue, always reach out to the experts. Trying to cure the affected area by yourself will only worsen the situation. It is never too late to visit a dermatologist or skincare expert for the treatment.

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What is acne extraction?

Acne extract is a type of topical treatment. It is usually used to treat comedones.

Cystic acne is rarely treated with extraction. In many cases, the clogging is too deep for a physician to remove it safely. Laser treatment is advised if you have a deep clogging of pores. Acne extraction is safe and straightforward.

Skincare experts will take their time with this procedure as it is necessary to reduce the chance of scarring, skin damage and pushing the sebum further down the layers of skin. The procedure is performed with sterile equipment, which minimizes the risk of bacterial infection in the pores.

The first step in many extraction procedures is to open the pore. This is important to keep scarring at bay, as trying to force sebum, debris, or oil through a narrow pore can cause tearing of the skin.

The professional will create a clear pathway for the impurities to pass through. Then, she/he will apply pressure around the lesion to force out the sebum.

Identifying the direction of the pore is essential, as the pressure is applied very strategically to minimize skin tearing. The skin specialist may use various tools on your face. Never be worried about them; they will not harm your skin.

What to expect when doing an acne extraction?

It is a fast procedure and painless too. Depending on the size and depth of the lesion, the procedure should not take more than a few minutes. If your skin is sensitive or you have very low pain tolerance, the skin expert will apply numbing cream to lessen the pain. The treated area might seem red and sometimes slightly swollen, but that will go away in one or two days.

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When should you see a dermatologist?

Acne treatment may sound silly, especially when you can pop the pimple yourself at home and apply some cream to decrease the mark or scar on the area. But some acne can leave a nasty scar or impact on your face. When you experience an acne lesion, never touch that area with your hands.

Try topical or oral treatments. If these don’t work or if you need to remove the lesion immediately, make an appointment with the dermatologist. The experts will take care of the situation and remove the acne problem within minutes.

Most pimples may not be a problem, but some may require special treatment, and always approach an expert for the acne extraction.

You can follow these methods to reduce acne naturally:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat healthy, non-oily food
  • Apply good sunscreen
  • Wash the face after going outdoor
  • Use a mild face wash

These habits will help you to lessen the occurrence of pimples and clogging of skin pores.

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