How To Choose HD Lace Wigs During The Summer? – CELIE HAIR

Summer has arrived, and those wearing wigs and hair prostheses are similarly surprised:

During the summer, how can I keep my head cool?

Every year we get such questions from people like you. Wearing a wig can be uncomfortable, especially if it is your first time.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about choosing a HD lace wigs this summer. This year, we want you to be comfortable, cozy and beautiful even in the midst of the heat.

Can I wear a wig in summer?


If you are wearing a wig for few times and don’t mind the heat, go ahead and wear it all summer. However, if you are new to wearing wigs, it might be best to consider the latest hd lace wigs this summer below.

Is any specific wig caps that will keep me cool?

Wig caps are traditionally composed of heavy materials that do not allow airflow. However, Clear Lace Wigs have built-in ventilation systems that keep you cool and comfortable during the summer, so you don’t have to give up wearing your wig.

You can also purchase Body Wave HD Lace Wigs designed to keep you cool. Look for lightweight cotton or synthetic hats with fabric that wicks away moisture and maintains breathability.

Will I lose my style with the heat?

Yes and no.

If you’re going to keep your human hair wig on this summer, your hairstyle will naturally straighten during the day, just like your natural hair.

But Synthetic wigs always keep their shape. These wigs have ‘style memory,’ retaining their style in hot or humid weather and returning to their original style even after being washed.

Bonus: the color of your synthetic wig will not fade in the sun like the color of human hair wigs.

Should I wash my wig more often in the summer?

Obviously yes.

Although washing your wig too frequently can cause damage, cleaning it during the hottest summer months is essential.

Your wig cap gathers excess oil and sweat throughout the summer, making your wig heavier and hotter, causing damage to the wig cap and wig hair. If too much oil is produced, you may feel a breakout on your scalp, especially if you have sensitive skin. So it should be washed regularly.

Where should I store my wig this summer?

Not in the trunk of your car.

Human and synthetic hair wigs both degrade in the heat. Keeping your wig in a cool, dry environment will help it last longer. Ensure you don’t store your wigs near windows, in heated attics, or your car trunk.

Can I swim at the beach with my wig?

Probably not.

Long-wear wig wearers are aware that most wigs do not look good when wet, which can be challenging when the sun is shining. Summer is the time for beach excursions and pool parties, not worrying about people looking at your wet wig on the beach.

Unfortunately, swimming pool chemicals and seawater salts can damage your wig fibers.

Instead of wearing a wig while swimming, wear a swim cap or head scarf that can be worn in the water.


In summer, different wigs can irritate you instead of giving comfort. The typical wigs cannot keep you more relaxed when the weather is hot outside. In such a situation, the mentioned wig can help you relax and calm down in the hot season.

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