How To Choose The Best Lightsaber

Everyone knows what a lightsaber is, whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not. What many don’t know is that there are numerous types of sabers like neopixel lightsaber and xenopixel lightsaber and their colors also have some meaning.

Lightsabers descend from ancient technology and its precursor was the Forcesaber, a weapon created by the people of Rakata. His creation had a special form of crystal that was shaped using alchemy. Detail: the Forcesaber was a weapon used by the dark side of the force, for the followers of the light side this weapon was something like Sauron’s ring. Seriously, just touching her was enough for you to succumb to the dark side.

Colors of Lightsaber

It may not seem like it, but there are countless colors to a lightsaber and colors are not just a matter of taste, there is meaning behind the color of a lightsaber. Of course, in the movies this goes completely unnoticed by the untrained eye, but with our help, you’ll be able to recognize the position of someone who raises a saber in the face of an enemy.

Blue Saber: They are sabers used by guardians, the guys who fight the dark side tooth and nail and who dominate some style of fighting with sabers, in addition to having a lot of experience in combat, they are practically the BOPE of the galaxies.

Green Saber:They are the sabers used by Jedi Consulars, the peace guys, who prefer to fight the dark side peacefully. These Jedi are sent on diplomatic missions and never intend to fight, but don’t think that because they are peace and love they are weak.

Yellow Saber: Indicate the Jedi Sentinels, the guys who seek balance between the physical and mental part.

Black and Red Sabers: Of course these are used by the evil people and unlike Jedi sabers, the Sith used a synthetic crystal in the forging that are charged with negative energies coming from their wielders.

neopixel lightsaber 

xenopixel lightsaber

There are also orange, white, brown, purple and pink sabers, these are rarely used because they are rare to find the necessary crystals.

Which lightsabers to buy

If at least once you have thought of buying or giving away a lightsaber, you will have found yourself faced with two questions: which one to buy and where to buy it .

Neopixel Lightsaber:

Generally speaking, a neopixel lightsaber, also known as a Plecter Pixel lightsaber, a Pixel saber, or a custom made neopixel lightsaber, is a piece of custom manufactured lighting that consists of flexible neopixel LED strips that run all the way down the blade, and is customizable with RGB color effects.

In order to achieve truly immersive and cinematic effects. Dueling saber that can withstand attacks from the most skilled Jedi Knights and Sith Assassins, this saber is suitable for all styles of lightsaber combat.

Xenopixel Lightsabers

The Xenopixel lightsaber is the most budget friendly Neopixel lightsaber collection on the market. Find out what makes our Xenopixel lightsaber so exceptional. This saber includes everything you need for a Star Wars movie-like saber experience, including custom sound effects, a variety of blade styles, smooth swinging, scrolling, and much more. If you would like to upgrade from your current RGB lightsaber to a Neopixel saber, these are excellent choices.

For many Star Wars fans, possessing a lightsaber and holding it in their hands has always been a dream.  When you are considering purchasing a lightsaber from us, something that has superior features and that can withstand hard impacts for lightsaber dueling, but you also have to consider price Рthen the Xenopixel is the perfect choice! In addition to having a variety of sound effects, the Neopixel lightsaber also has a variety of lighting effects. Xenopixel sabers have a smooth swing and an impressive scrolling effect. Xenopixel is hands down the best lightsaber for those who do not intend to customize it and wish to have the proffie features.

Toy lightsabers

Lightsabers, as Shire Geek points out, are among the finest Star Wars-themed gifts you can receive or give, both for children and for older fans of the saga. The first category of lightsaber is precisely the toy one, mainly suitable for children. If the budget does not allow for a more expensive expense, these toy replicas are still a nice way to make a gift that will surely be appreciated.

Toy lightsabers can easily be bought just about anywhere. You can buy them on Amazon, whose catalog is well-stocked, or in the various supermarkets or toy stores in your area, from the smallest retailers to large stores such as Toys Center.

Collectible lightsabers: 

Let’s move on to the more interesting things, namely collectible lightsabers . Each of us dreams of one. They are simply beautiful and holding them in your hand gives you the feeling of being part of this immortal saga for a moment.

The original reproductions can be found under the Hasbro Black Series Force FX brand and are the most beautiful and faithful you could ever wish for. In addition to the collectible box, the Black Series lightsabers obviously have LEDs and sound effects that guarantee immersion in the world of Star Wars. I assure you: brandishing one will make you feel like a true Jedi / Sith. Hasbro has produced the lightsabers of almost every character.

The combat lightsabers

The combat lightsabers are designed and built specifically to withstand the stresses and shocks to which they could be subjected during duels (if you want to enter the Jedi Generation, for example, you will not be able to do without it). Their strong point is the high customization of the swords. You can have them created according to your favorite tastes, based on the type and characteristics you want to have. In fact, you will be the one to choose the guard and the color of the sword.

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