How to choose the right company for the maintenance of your garden?

Choosing is always difficult!!!

Do you have ideas for landscaping your garden? It’s awesome. But, without the right landscape designer or landscaping company, it’s hard to bring your ideas to life. Landscapers or other landscaping professionals can advise on exterior installations. Installation of elements that increase the value of your home. The proposals go beyond simple lawn care tips and focus on spaces that feel like extensions of the interior. The choice of the right one is essential for the success and the durability of the developments to be carried out. In this article, talk about the criteria for choosing a tuinvariant and gardening business.

  1. Visit the company’s website

Get to know the company through its website. The latter gives you valuable information on the company’s vision, its philosophy, and its working approach. It also informs you about the range of services that the company offers. Does it cover all of your needs or do you have to call on a second company for additional service?

  1. Talk to the manager or representative of the company

Consider asking for an interview or a visit from a company official to your project. Exchange ideas with people, talk about your project, and the ideas that you want to achieve,… This interview allows you to judge whether the company has understood your needs and is able to meet them.

  1. Benefit from the experience of your relatives and friends

Surely in your entourage one of your friends or your family has an experience during the development of his garden, ask for advice and especially the mistakes to avoid. It is always enriching to base oneself on an experience that has already been lived.

  1. Ask about company experience

It’s a good idea to ask the company (or companies) if you’re considering how long they’ve been in business and if they’ve done similar landscaping projects before. A designer or an experienced company can help you reduce delays and other small problems during your project.

  1. Check their work

Seeing the details of a specialist’s previous projects and noting how they happened will give you an idea of ​​how successful your personal project will be if you work with them. All companies have portfolios that they represent. Request references and customer satisfaction certificates.

  1. Read the contract

Ask for a contract template to understand what you’re buying, the materials that will be used, timings, and such details before you sign anything. If buying local is important to you or if the project must be completed by a certain date, ask the professional to adapt your contract accordingly.

How do have a green and lush lawn?

A beautiful green, dense and lush lawn is the ultimate wish of any garden owner. Indeed, the grass enhances the rest of your green space. In addition, it impresses your neighbors and your guests. In this article, I will show you 5 essential steps to follow to have a beautiful lawn throughout the seasons.

  1. Regular mowing

It is essential to mow your lawn regularly, as this helps to thicken the grass. Regarding the frequency of cutting: it is better to opt for frequent cuts at regular and close intervals. As an indication, mowing a week is a good rhythm to follow.

Change direction and pattern each time you pass the mower, so leaves and twigs aren’t pressed in the same direction every time. The ideal height for each cut is between 4 and 5cm. As a general rule, it is best to shorten the grass stems by about half or two-thirds. During the summer period, it will be better to keep the grass a little higher, because it is more resistant to heatwaves and high temperatures.

  1. Follow a fertilization program

Lawn mowing exports nutrients from your lawn. Thus, they must be returned to the soil in order to achieve maximum growth and to keep your soil fertility at an optimal level. So, from the beginning of spring, you should fertilize your lawn every 6 to 8 weeks. The fertilization schedule should be balanced to meet the nutrient needs of the lawn.

Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are necessary for the optimal growth of your lawn. Similarly, balanced fertilization makes it possible to have a lawn that is resistant to diseases and water stress. In the trade, you find mixtures of special lawn fertilizers. The doses to be used are carefully indicated on the packaging. In soils with a high limestone content, such as the soils of Marrakech, consider applying foliar fertilizers rich in trace elements (iron, zinc, etc.).

  1. Regular watering

Watering is very important to have a lush and green lawn all year round. The frequency of irrigation of your lawn depends on the temperature, the air humidity, and the nature of your soil. For the doses of watering to bring according to the seasons, you can read our article on how to maintain an automatic watering system?

As soon as the color of your lawn begins to turn towards a blue-gray hue, an immediate supply of water is to be considered. A water-stressed lawn exhibits the following symptoms: old leaf blades begin to curl or wilt.

If you have just planted a new lawn, you will generally need to water it at least twice a day for it to develop a good root system. With technological progress, automating your irrigation is a very interesting alternative. Indeed, automatic watering allows you to save water, time, energy, and money. If you wish, Innovation Verte can take charge of the study and installation of your automatic watering system.

  1. Weed control

With a weeding schedule and regular monitoring, the battle against weeds in your lawn can easily be won. Using the right technique helps keep your lawn clean and free of weeds.

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