How to Choose to Conceal a Safe?

You must be looking at the locations to choose for concealing a safe. It is essential to choose the location carefully. It isn’t easy to keep your important documents and valuables safe and secure in the present age. Sometimes your home security system doesn’t work properly and cannot provide maximum protection. Therefore, you must always add another type of protection. Of course, everyone wants to make their home safe. 

It should be a place where you can keep your valuables well-protected. Therefore, choosing the perfect hiding spot is essential to console your small home safe. However, the thieves are well aware of the common hiding spots of the house. So, you have to go for a place that is safe and out of reach from thieves. You have to put a little effort when choosing a secure place in your home to do so. This short guide will give you some ideas to hide your safe.

Uncommon Secret Spots to Hide a Safe:

  • In the attic
  • Under Stair Treads
  • In the Library
  • In The Wall

In the Attic:

It is one of the most incredible places to hide your small home safe. You can keep your important documents and precious jewelry in the safe and hide them in your attic because it is one of the most difficult parts of the house to reach. Thieves usually spend as little time as possible and typically go into the rooms on the first two floors of the home. Therefore, the attic is harder to escape from, and it takes lots of time to get to it and get away from it.

Under Stair Treads:

Certain stair treads can easily be modified and turned into secret hiding places. It is one of the smartest options to hide your small home safe from thieves. You can either install a hidden drawer so that it opens upwards. However, there is not a single size that fits all solution. Therefore, you have to use your creativity if you apply this method for hiding small safes. One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind is that sometimes it can be very hard to hide the traces of the modification. So you have to hire a professional for the work.

In the Library:

This hack is perfect for book lovers. You can build a safe in the library of your home, which is incredible as thieves usually don’t have enough time to rummage through books shelves. You can develop a dummy book to hide all your important stuff like jewelry, money and personal documents. However, sometimes it can easily figure out as books can be thrown on the ground to see which one is real. Instead, you have the option of backless bookshelves. There you can easily hide your important valuables. Place boring books in front of it as they don’t get much attention. 

In the Wall:

Wall is one of the best spots to install a small home safe to hide from thieves. It is an excellent hack to hide your precious jewelry, important documents, paper money, etc. In addition to this, you can also secure your sensitive data here. This type of safe is especially good for hiding your jewelry and precious gems. Moreover, this type of safe is good for keeping important things safe from thieving and the, fire and flooding emergencies. Remember one important thing: when you install your home safe into the wall, you also need to hide it. You can place different paintings, decorative mirrors or any decoration item over the area that can easily hide it.

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