How to Clean and Store Your RV Camper?

Although regular RV cleaning may seem like an arduous task, it can boost the overall value and keep it functional. If it’s too much work for you, you can always hire a professional RV cleaning service for deep cleaning.

In addition, you may want to switch from road traveling and travel to another part of the world by air. For example, if you’re traveling from Cincinnati, your best bet would be to store your camper properly to keep it in first-class shape while you’re away and leverage Cincinnati Airport parking for hassle-free traveling.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that you need to keep your RV clean and store it properly to enjoy your road trips to the fullest. That’s why we have jotted down some effective ways to clean and store your camper in this article. Read below to learn!

Cleaning Your RV

1.    Read the Instruction Manual

Instruction manuals come with RVs that provide valuable information regarding how to clean the exterior and interior of the RV, what products to use, and what to avoid.

All of this can prove to be beneficial for you to follow the right instructions that are written, keeping in mind the construction of your RV. Strictly follow them to keep your RV sparkling and functional.

2.    Purchase a Handheld Vacuum

The camper’s interior features several nooks and crannies that can accumulate grime, food debris, and whatnot. To keep them clean, you should always have a portable vacuum that also has the option of attaching a hose to clean the difficult-to-reach areas.

3.    Perform Routine Maintenance

A poorly-maintained camper will not only make it less efficient but also give an unpleasant look. Hence, you should regularly perform a maintenance check to keep it in ideal condition. For example, inspect slideouts, check carbon monoxide detectors, check the engine, and check and repair seals accordingly. You can take it to a RV Repair shop for maintenance purpose.

4.    Prevent Mold and Mildew

The major cause of mold and mildew is humidity and moisture, which can be a significant problem for you since it can give a dull look to your RV. Hence, you should allow ventilation in your RV as much as possible by opening doors and windows.

In addition, placing moisture-absorbing packets in drawers and storage areas will prevent humidity and mold growth.

Storing RV

1.    Choose the Storage Location Wisely

You need an appropriate home for your camper when you’re off the road. There are several RV storage facilities available; make sure you store your RV with a reputable company. You may also need to consider if they protect against extreme weather conditions and direct sunlight.

2.    Keep Pests Away

When storing your RV, you should ensure that no pests enter your RV. For this, you can use mothballs inside your RV. Sealing cracks with steel wool and blocking the most common entryways for pests like hoses and vents will keep your camper pest-free.

3.    Cover the Inside

As covering the exterior of your RV with a cover is an ideal option to protect against sunlight, you should do the same with all the furniture in your RV. Cover mattresses, sofas, and chairs properly to ward off pests and dust, and grime to save you the hassle of vacuuming when you again have to travel on your RV. 

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