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Telegram provides an instant messaging service along with voice as well as video calls. It has become a viral social network due to the secure and swift delivery of texts. Consequently, it not only gives access to unlimited chats and other media but also free of cost.

Furthermore, another appealing feature of Telegram is opinion polls. As a result, users can get to know about the take of others on any specific or trendy topic. Users can buy votes to show the maximum number of pollers. Buy Telegram Votes for the polls with different IP addresses from

Polls may be about the product feedback or anything to decide where to hang out, dine-in, etc. When it comes to Telegram polls, the most common query is how to create a poll. Consequently, we are giving you all the info about polls. Feel free to check the description.

Method of creating Telegram Poll

It is reasonable to create a poll if anyone desires a stable Telegram handle. Moreover, users can post polls on their in-group chats to get others’ views. Thus, learn to create a definite poll before sharing the one. A comprehensive way to make a Telegram poll is provided here. Dig in the details mentioned next.

1. Telegram App

First of all, open the Telegram app from the home page. Now Telegram is available for both Android and desktop users.

2. Login Details

If you don’t have an account, feel free to sign up for free here—otherwise, log in to the Telegram app with the required credentials.

3. Paperclip icon

At the top right corner of the home screen, a light blue colored icon is present. This icon on the menu has a bar graph that shows several options like a gallery, files, and location.

4. Poll box

Choose poll from the given options available at the icon menu. In this way, you can open a poll bot conversation with a poll query box too.

5. Add Question

Tap the start option at the bottom of the poll composting box. Now, type the context of the question in textual form. Click the send option at the bottom-right corner of the home screen.

6. Create Answers

Add first possible choices to the poll answers. You can type multiple answers for the poll choices. In short, write the choices and tap the send option.

7. Share the poll

Now, the poll is created, select the group with whom you desire to share it. The poll is shared, and you can check the response of members by viewing results.


Telegram polls can be created on the channel as well as in groups. This is an efficient way for channels to raise their subscribers. Moreover, any layperson can use a poll to find out the solution regarding any issue. In addition to getting opinions, polls may cater for other purposes like QnA, Quiz and Contest Votes, etc. Get the most popular preferences of the public through Telegram polls.

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