How to download multiple Amazon Prime Videos and episodes of Web series at once?

The Entire world is now watching a lot of movies online on streaming sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix. But have you ever wanted an Amazon Prime movie for an offline view on a big screen TV or wanted to share a super hit movie with friends on a pen drive or on an external hard drive,  StreamFab Amazon Prime Video Downloader software can help you to download Amazon Prime movies.

Having said that, do you know that you can download multiple movies or all episodes of a Web Series all at once in a batch? Yes, you download multiple videos using StreamFab Amazon Prime video downloader software. There is a feature called Batch mode in which you can download up to 100 Amazon Prime Videos or multiple episodes of Web Series together at once.

Here is the directions about how can you do that:

Step 1: Download free StreamFab Amazon Prime downloader software and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Start the StreamFab Amazon Prime video downloader software.

Step 3: Select the Amazon Prime option from supported websites.

Step 4: Choose the desired movie to be downloaded

Step 5. Once you play the selected movie, the download button will appear. Click on it.

Step 6: You can continue to watch the movie while downloading or you can close it.

Step 7: If you want to download another movie simultaneously, you can choose another movie and click on the download button. The second movie will also start to download.

The same procedure applies to downloading multiple episodes of Web Series.

Step 1: From the beginning screen, instead of movies select Web Series.

Step 2: All the available Episodes will appear.

Step 3: Separate download buttons will appear after every Episode.

Step 4: Click on each episode’s download button to add to the download queue.

Step 5: You can continue to watch the episodes or close them but the download continues in the background.

Step6: The downloaded episodes will be available at the location selected by you to download amazon prime video

Step 7: You can watch these videos offline without an internet connection

Step8: You can also copy to a USB Pendrive or External Hard Disks to share with friends.

The StreamFab Amazon Prime downloader software is very handy when you want to download your favorite movie videos or episodes of Web Series for an offline view or to share with your friends and families. The batch mode is very useful when you want to download multiple movies or episodes of Web Series.

Movie streaming websites like Amazon Prime and Amazon are here to stay for a long time as the entire world is slowly moving towards videos for information online. Also, the entire movie industry is also moving towards online streaming to showcase their future releases. So, in the future, it is possible that we all can watch movies only on online platforms but for scenarios like when we need movies and Web Series for an offline view software like StreamFab Amazon Prime video downloader become very handy and time saver. 

So download StreamFab Amazon Prime Video Downloader and when you watch any movie next time, start the download and watch the movie. So, at a time you complete watching the movie, the same movie is available for offline view. If you want to watch the same movie again, you do not need to watch it from the streaming site. You can simply play the downloaded video on your computer and watch it offline.

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