How to get your garage repairing service and landing page service

If you’re running an online advertising campaign to try and generate leads for your garage door repair and installation business, one thing’s for sure: If you’re not sending clicks to a convincing garage door repair landing page, you’re going to end up wasting money a lot of money.

After all, people click on your ad because they are interested enough to learn more. If the page they land on doesn’t convince them that they should call you (or fill out your form), they’ll leave. So if your landing page (the page they end up on after clicking your ad) isn’t set up for success, you’ll end up paying for a lot of clicks that never turn into garage door leads.

This is not a good situation

In short, your garage door repair marketing campaign is only as good as the landing page you send people to, so you need a garage door opener and repair garage and landing page designed to get people to convert. Sound like a challenge? Don’t worry, with this article, you’re well on your way to creating a page that consistently generates the leads you need.

  1. Keep the message consistent

The first key to an effective landing page is message consistency. In other words, your ad message should match the message on your garage door repair landing page. In fact, message consistency is the main reason landing pages exist. A single homepage should satisfy dozens (or even hundreds) of different needs. A good marketing campaign generates traffic with specific needs.

If that traffic lands on a landing page with a hundred different options and messages, what are the chances that they will actually find what they are looking for and convert?

Garage door repair activities work best when they provide a consistent experience. If your ad is targeting a certain type of person, your landing page should also appeal to that person. That way, when they land on your page, they’ll think…

If your ad promises one thing and your landing page offers another, your potential customers will be confused. And, the more confused people are, the less likely they are to buy…

  1. Follow them, not you

Basically, most people who click on your ad will ask themselves a simple question:

Can you solve my problem?

The problem to be solved can vary widely from person to person. For example, someone who has had a bad experience with a garage door company in the past might be worried about hiring another badass.

To avoid another nightmarish scenario, they might search for “reputable garage door repair company.” If they see your ad and click on it, what do you think will make them feel that your business will give them the experience they’re looking for?

They might respond better to pages that include testimonials about your customer service, awards your customer service has won, response time statistics…you get the idea.

Why? Because it responds to their real concerns. They want to know that working with you will be a good, positive experience and that your Page makes them feel like a safe company to work with. If they think you’re the solution to their problem (they need a garage door Chicago company with great customer service), they’ll call you.

  1. Create a compelling subpoena

The goal of a garage door repair or installation marketing campaign is to get people to take action. Depending on your campaign, you may want to submit a lead form, subscribe to a trial period, or subscribe to a mailing list, but your goal is to get them to do something.

But if you don’t tell people what you want them to do, what is the possibility they actually do?

A high-quality call to action (CTA) solves this problem. Essentially, your CTA tells your prospects what they should do next. This is the old submit, sign up, get my free quote and try it now buttons you’ve probably seen on countless pages. However, telling someone to “commit” and convincing them to do so are two very different things. If you want people to take action on your CTA, you need to convince them that it is in their best interest to do what you want them to do.

With this in mind, your CTA should be a natural extension of your landing page. Remember, they’re on your garage door repair landing page because they expect your company to solve the problem for them. Your CTA should show them how the conversion will bring them closer to solving the problem.

For example, a call to action like “request a quote” makes more sense than a generic element like “send”. Basically, “request a quote” means that if a user converts, they will get something of value that will help them get closer to solving their problem. Of course, the right CTA for your landing page depends entirely on the specific problem or need of your target audience, but if you’ve already created a landing page that focuses on that problem or need, creating a CTA should be easy. 

  1. Keep it simple

Generally, if you create a garage door repair Chicago page, it is easy to make things worse. It is natural for people to think, If my intended audience wants to know more about X? I better add it to my page. Or “Y?” This may be a concern for my audience. I have to add to that. So, the fact is that most people do not go very far on your download page. And those who do not usually read your main part of it. Keep in mind that your customers are probably not on your page because they have a problem they want to solve.

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