How to Have a Comfortable RV Trip While Pregnant

Setting out on an RV adventure can be a great way to unwind before a new baby is born. If you’re an expecting parent and that baby bump’s about to make an appearance, now might be a great time to grab those maternity jeans for some last-minute self-care and relaxation. With the RV world more popular than ever, traveling in a home on wheels can be a great way to explore during pregnancy. For a few ways to make your RV adventure more comfortable while pregnant, read on.

Pack comfortable clothing.

Before heading out on your maternity road trip adventure, it’s important to pick up some maternity jeans and baggy clothing you’ll be comfortable in. Especially if you plan to travel for a month or more, you’ll want to be able to stay comfortable as your belly grows. While things like morning sickness and swollen ankles might be harder to accommodate for in travel, the perfect maternity jegging can get you through any stage of pregnancy, even on the road.

One way to make sure you’ll be comfortable is to shop for clothing with a comfortable fit and room to grow well in advance of your trip. By the time you hit your third trimester, you’ll be ready and will be able to put your attention on other things as you look back on that last baby-free adventure.

Stay in premier locations.

While everyone has their own preference on how to travel in an RV, staying in a premier RV park might be a good idea during pregnancy simply because you’ll have more accommodations and be better connected. No matter where you travel, you’ll want to be sure you have cell service and a solid signal. Staying in a premier park will ensure you can get help if you run into trouble with your pregnancy while away from home. This will give you peace of mind to focus on having fun and making memories before your baby comes.

Pace yourself and engage in self-care.

Taking your time and living with intention as you travel is especially important during pregnancy. As you pack for your trip, be sure to bring camera equipment so you can capture moments for you and your baby to look back on. When traveling, consider turning off the phone so you can be more present in the moment. While you’ll want it with you for emergencies, you’ll be doing yourself and your baby a favor if you spend this time engaging in self-care and unplugging.

Self-care is extremely important in pregnancy, but especially if you’re on the road. Whether you take a few days to stay in an Airbnb or hunker down in your RV on free camping land, be sure to give yourself plenty of time between destinations. Stopping to see roadside attractions and being spontaneous as you go will add up to a stress-free adventure: something that’s important for you and your baby in travel.

At the end of the day, whether you stay at your favorite RV park, a premier RV resort, or even have time to pick up a great pair of belly skinny jeans before you head out on the road, your trip is bound to be a great one if you take the time to live in the moment. While it’s exciting that a baby’s about to come, spending some quality time with other people you love before your new arrival is a fantastic way to secure bonds and make memories that will last forever. Safe travels to you, the people you love, and that adorable baby bump!

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