How to have a good financial CV

In order to catch the employers, it is always noticed that every candidate puts in his file with his CV. For reasons of incompatibility or the wrong choice of CV, some do not get the job. If you are in the field of finance, you must provide a financial CV. So how do you get a good finance CV? 

Have a degree in finance

Before writing a finance resume, you need to be someone who has received some knowledge of finance. You can be an accountant by training, a financial manager or have done a university degree in the field of banking and finance. You must also have professional qualities or professional experience in the field. Make sure that these are documented. 

Selling your skills to employers

You need to sell your merits to recruiters from your CV. That is, you must show the reasons why you are the best person for the job. At this level, you must specify your professional qualities and the professional experience you have acquired in the field. You should never limit your skills because of insufficient space on your CV. To do this, you should always reorient your CV by referring to the job offers of the structure. You must therefore read the offer carefully so as not to expose on your CV qualities or skills that the company has not requested. The financial CV should be updated taking into account the employer’s needs.

Summarise your qualities in numbers

When you talk about finance, you talk about numbers. In a financial CV, it is really important to show the numbers. Numbers will not be put in for form’s sake. You should actually assess your professional qualities or skills in terms of percentages for example.

Summarising the CV

If you see that displaying your skills will be too much in your CV, you should summarise your financial CV. To do this you are called upon to be precise and clear so that your recruiter can notice your competence in the CV. There is no need to ramble, get to the point.

Describing the position on the financial CV

The job description on the financial CV is nothing more than information about your past experiences and what you have had to achieve in the past. You should not be reserved at this level. You should give all possible details, but in a clear and very precise way.

What does a financial CV look like?

The financial CV is really special. In this CV you should first give your identity (first and last name, email address, telephone number and address). Then your background in terms of experience and skills will follow. At this level, you should provide information on the dates of employment; the title of the position held; the name of the company; the city; the main tasks and responsibilities. Having provided this information, you must now describe your educational background (date of completion of studies, training, diploma obtained and establishment). This is followed by your qualities or skills, interest and achievements in your recent business. The Format of a financial CV is not so different from a LinkedIn account profile.

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