How to hire an entry-level java developer?

Java is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented, class-based, general-purpose language used for programming. Its versatility comes from the fact that it does not require recompiling to run on different software, making it the most demanded language among employers in the programming industry. Most companies  hire Java Developers based on their experience i.e entry level, mid level and senior level and the designation is usually mentioned in the Job posting. When looking for developers, companies often have two choices: either hire a freelance developer or a full time employee. If you are looking to hire a freelance developer check this blog post  and today, we will discuss how to hire full entry-level Java developers.

Follow these 4 simple steps to hire entry level java developer

Research the candidate profile – The recruitment for an entry-level java developer starts at the college-level. Alternatively, hiring managers also consider those individuals who have acquired basic certifications in Java development. Hiring the developers with the most recent qualifications ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest build and frameworks release. Hence drafting a job description that covers these basic areas is a good starting point.

Draft an attractive job title – As you aim to hire mostly fresh college graduates, you have to keep their likable jargon in mind. They are at a stage of transforming out of academics and buzz-driven college life to a formal job. Using a typical yet elaborate title can get you an ample number of applications to choose from. Some job title examples include – Full Stack Java Developer, Entry level java developer, etc

Draft the job description – A job description for an entry level java developer should entail all the job roles and responsibilities. It should also be in line with the company’s principles and policies. A good match can be established with the candidate profile. Keywords play an essential role here. They not only help define the job profile, they also help to get more candidates searching for jobs online. Broadly dividing the description into these 3 heads can help maintain uniformity – job responsibilities, requirements, and rewards. 

Reviewing received applications – As you sift through applications manually, you should look for applicants’ exposure in different industry applications. This establishes their ability to apply programming principles in real life, which will help them complete the job successfully. Apart from this, you may also look at the applicant’s past achievements depicting their ability to positively impact the job and in the workplace. Interviewing selected candidates – If the number of applicants is large, you may consider going for a pre-screening through a phone interview. As you are primarily in receipt of fresh graduates, it is relatively easy to assess potential employees for an entry level java developer job. You may also include a written test before you invite applicants for a face-to-face or online interview. During the interview, your objective is to check the applicant for their knowledge, skills, and mindset to complete the job role. Although the applicants are not expected to have industry work experience, you can still assess their interpersonal skills through behavior interview questions.

Reference checks and issue offer letters – References for recent graduates would come from their teaching faculty or workplaces where they worked during their summer holidays. Once you have completed the reference check and background check (through third party agencies), you may issue an offer letter. Apart from mentioning the compensation details, you shall mention joining dates, company policies on hiring, and termination. 

Once your entry level java developers have been onboarded, it is essential to continuously improve your hiring processes. This is achieved through regular tracking of outcomes of using recruitment processes.

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