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How to increase Brand Awareness on Instagram 

Today, social media is filled with various marketing channels and every business wants to invest in a channel that can assure them effective and tangible results. Today Instagram has proven to be one of the best social media platforms which can provide great opportunities for a business to develop and grow. Recently Instagram has reached the milestone of a billion active users monthly and  instagram likes kaufen is the second most popular social media site after Facebook.

Social media platforms have made it a lot easier for brands to reach their users. Every business can advertise their brands very easily and that’s why social media platforms are used by 85% of businesses located all around the globe. On Instagram, businesses get many huge opportunities to make an effective impression on customers as 1 billion Instagram users visit around 200 million business accounts daily.

Getting ideal customers acquainted with brands is the main objective of brand awareness. Increasing brand awareness on Instagram is necessary for businesses because Instagram is a platform that provides businesses with the opportunity to reach a new and high-intent audience. Instagram provides its users with the features like hashtags, location tags, and “Discover”, which helps the user to reach the products and brands of their interest.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the tips that can help you to increase brand awareness on Instagram.

Form a good visual identity and brand personality

When we talk about brand awareness, the first thing we should prioritize is the brand’s visual identity. As we have already discussed above, Instagram has around a billion active users each month. To find out potential customers among them, a brand’s visual identity needs to be unique and memorable.

To build a unique and memorable visual identity, you should focus on basic key areas such as :

  • Logo – A logo is something that is and should be displayed prominently on your profile as the main profile picture.
  • brand fonts – To make your content unique and memorable, a good font should be used all over your Instagram profile.
  • Brand look – Use the same brand color to give your profile and your content an attractive and branded look.

Use search engine optimization effectively

Many users do not know that Instagram provides Search engine optimization which can be very valuable and create several possibilities for business. The search engine optimization offered by Instagram slightly differs from those of Google and other search engines. Using some simple hacks of search engine optimization, you can easily increase your brand visibility on Instagram.

There are some specific sections on your Instagram profile where you can insert your SEO keyword like your Username; your Instagram username is very important because that’s how users can search for you. Your username should specify your business name very clearly. You can also focus on your account name and your bio.

Form a Strategy for ideal customers

Brand awareness is not just concerned with increasing followers on your Instagram profile but being a business you should apply your main focus on forming strategies to reach ideal customers widely. Despite one billion active users, there will be only a fraction of people who will be interested in your brand and your products. So to reach those fraction of people you need to form effective strategies 

Effectively use Hashtags

When it comes to hashtags most people just ignore them as it’s of no use but being a brand you should know that a post without a hashtag is about 12.6% less likely to reach people than a post with one hashtag. Being a business if you want to reach more and more people who can be your ideal customers then you first need to conduct research for hashtags. Effective hashtags also increase your brand visibility and can be easily shared.

Work with influencers

Working in collaboration with influencers is one of the best ways to make your brand reach a new and ideal audience. Digital influencers are proven to be about 61% effective in attracting new people to the brands and their products. Instagram has proven to be the best platform for brands who want to work with influencers as it has many popular influencers who entertain people daily. With the right influencers, you can increase your brand awareness to remarkable 



Instagram has proven to be one of the best social media platforms for branding the products of businesses located all around the globe. It has also helped many new startups to cherish and reach remarkable heights. With around a billion active users monthly, the platform is beneficial for both service-based and product-based enterprises. Instagram provides its users with many facilities using which they can reach an ideal audience and establish strong business grounds.Brands can amazing opportunity by utlilising this platform.

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