How to maintain the hairdressing scissors?

This essential tool is used by every cosmetologist and is also known as “haircutting shears” or “haircutting scissors.” To do a haircut, you need shears. Without these, you can’t do it. Shears may look like a pair of scissors to people who aren’t in the hairdressing or barbering trades. There are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing shears, however. Your shears are an investment. Therefore, it’s essential to take care of them properly to get the most out of them.

Maintaining Shears Using These Tips.

Professionals are advised to clean and sterilize their cutting shears regularly. In addition to keeping the shears in top shape and extending their lifespan, many states demand this for sanitary reasons. Proper use and storage of your scissors are essential to their long-term viability.

  • Be Careful When Using Shears

Haircutting shears should be handled with care during a typical workday. Damage can be done to the shears’ blade alignment and cutting edge if the shears are dropped hard on a counter or if they are dropped on the floor accidentally. It is necessary to service and repair scissors that have been damaged or nicked due to a drop.

It’s also critical that you keep your shears out of the hands of others. Haircutting shears are pretty pricey and have a particular use. They are not meant to be used daily. Don’t ever use your shears to open a bag of chips or cut wrapping paper.

  • Proper Cleaning of Haircutting Shears

It all begins with frequent cleaning and disinfecting of hair cutting shears. Every hair salon and barbershop has its own unique shear cleaning requirements. Between clients, the scissors need to be cleaned and sanitized. When cutting hair, hairstylists and barbers must keep their hands clean and dry at all times to prevent hair fragments and sweat from getting on the scissors and affecting their cutting ability. The shears should never be left to dry out from the water, cleaning solution, or sweat. As well as looking dirty, residue buildup can dull the scissors, degrade the shears’ surfaces and promote dangerous cross-contamination of infectious diseases. This step is a very important one in case you want to know how to clean hair cutting scissors.

Cutting shears must be thoroughly rinsed with soap and water before being thoroughly dried and then disinfected with rubbing alcohol or quaternion sanitizer solution. After cleaning and drying, an autoclave may be utilized.

Regular cleaning and sanitizing are essential, but so is daily lubrication of shears to keep them in good working condition and extend their useful life. The end of the day is a good time for hairstylists and barbers to lubricate their shears because they won’t be used for a long time. The haircutting shear oil protects them from rust and stiffness, enabling smooth, efficient, and precise hair cutting. An unpleasant cut for the client and pain for the hairdresser will result from rusty or stiff shears. Shear oil also helps remove hair that has become lodged in the scissors, which may have been missed by routine cleaning and sanitizing of hair scissors. Using shear oil is ideal for opening the scissors at a 45-degree angle and applying a tiny amount of oil to the joint where the two blades meet. Use a delicate cloth to apply the oil to the scissors. The shears will be more likely to be dropped if they are lubricated with too much oil.

  • Keep Your Shears Safely Stored

Once they’ve been thoroughly cleaned, dried, sanitized, and oil, it’s essential to store your hair cutting shears in a method that keeps them safe and dry. Your shears should be stored in a soft, absorbent liner case after they’ve been cleaned, sterilized, and protected from moisture and other environmental variables. Never keep shears in the same container as other equipment, and make sure the shears have their storage area. There is a risk of harming the blades if you use shears and other equipment that can collide with each other. The case should be kept in a dry location as per hairdressing scissor maintenance guide.

  • Keep the blades of your shears sharp and in the correct tension at all times.

Both the blades and the handles must be easy to grip and pleasant. Haircutting shears that are either excessively loose or tight might negatively impact the scissors’ handling and cutting capacity.

Using scissors with too little tension can cause the blades to break and put additional strain on the user’s hand. A lousy haircut results from scissors with too much slack in the tension, which causes the hair to bend rather than cut. It would help if you had your hairdressing shears sharpened by a professional sharpener or firm when they become dull.

A professional sharpener will use tools and techniques that will not harm the scissors when sharpening hairdressing shears.

  • Only cut hair with hair cutting shears.

Barbers and hairstylists understand the sole purpose of their haircutting scissors: cutting hair. However, they may be viewed differently by friends, family, and clients. Using scissors to cut open an envelope or remove a loose thread from a client’s clothing might cause damage to the scissors.

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