How to Make Money by Flipping Books

If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding way to make money on the side, consider flipping books. While you can start by selling the books you have lying around your house, eventually, you’ll need to buy books at a low cost, selling them for a higher price.

It takes a little deal hunting, patience, and time, but once you get the hang of it, you can make a decent income flipping books.

How to Find Books to Flip

Finding books to flip is easy. Start with the simple places, like garage sales, or even Craigslist. Then branch out your options by shopping clearance sales or store closing sales. You can even find great deals on Amazon, especially if you catch a lightning deal or one-day sale (Amazon runs these often).

The key is to find books for a low cost and sell them for a higher price. Look for books in high demand, such as first edition books, rare books, or even textbooks. They will have the highest profit margin.

Before you buy books to flip, do your research. See what profit margin is in them before putting in the time, effort, and money to build your inventory. BookScouter Pro has several useful tools for those looking to make money reselling books – deals finder, bulk lookup, historic price lookup and high-value books finder.

Where to Sell Books for a Profit

Once you’ve built your inventory, it’s time to sell your books for a profit. You have several options. makes it easy to sell your books for a profit fast. They work with a variety of vendors willing to buy the books you have to sell. Once a vendor buys your book, you ship it to them. After they process it, you get paid immediately.

You can search the vendors’ ratings, filtering your options by vendor with the best ratings, fastest turnaround time, or any other credentials you find important.

Amazon FBA

As an Amazon FBA seller, you ship your inventory to Amazon and they handle fulfillment and processing. They even handle customer service and returns, but it comes at a cost. Amazon charges a fee for the service since they act like the middleman between you and the buyer.

Other Buyback Vendors

Other vendors, you can sell books to include:

  • Sellbackyourbook – You can tell Sellbackyourbook what books you have and the condition they are in and they’ll tell you instantly how much they will pay for the books. Everything is done online and is fast.
  • TextBookRush – You can sell old textbooks here, by requesting a quote online, reviewing the offer, and shipping the book in. They’ll pay you store credit or PayPal.
  • BooksRun – Get paid within 4 days of selling your books to BooksRun. Get your quote online, ship your books for free and get your money.

Final Thoughts

Flipping books for a profit can be fun if you’re a book lover. Hunting for great books to sell can be a thrill. It won’t even feel like you are working. If you use a site like BookScouter, you can even set up a buyback price alert to be alerted when demand (and prices) increase for specific titles. 

No matter how you sell books, it can be a great way to help the environment, put money in your pocket, and give the thrill of good books to others. 

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