How to make quick bill payments?

We exist in the twenty-first century today, and we are so hard-pressed for time. Life is like a roller-coaster ride, especially for those living in cities and bigger towns. Everybody out there seems to be in a big race called life, each trying to put their best foot forward to lift the winner’s trophy. Amidst all this, a big thrust has come from science and technology.

Ever since the internet or the online medium has surfaced, it has penetrated deep into our being and lives. What is so awesome about the medium vis-à-vis the physical or the offline medium? It is the speed with which many of our daily tasks get done.

Bill payments were never as effortless before

There was an era, not long back, when there was no internet, no smartphones, and digital devices. People had to stand in queues to make bill payments and deposit money. Take a scenario. A consumer of North Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd. (NBPDCL) would need to visit the nearest office of the electric distributor to ensure that his monthly bills are paid. If the deadline is missed or the user fails to visit the office for reasons whatsoever, it would invariably lead to disconnection of the electric supply to his place. People who have lived during those times never fail to narrate their stories of struggle to their kids and grandkids.

Thus, the modern generation has a lot to thank for technology. One key aspect is how the virtual medium – websites and apps – helps make bill payments really fast. The same NBPDCL Consumer today need not stand in long queues anywhere. Nor does he need to travel in different weather conditions for NBPDCL bill pay. With global warming, the weather outdoors is hardly ever pleasant, adding to stress levels. The traffic conditions in almost all big cities and towns in India have gotten bad to worse in the past few years. To top it, Covid-19 became a fast raging pandemic that forced almost all governments worldwide to shut down offices and industries and travel outdoors.

In the absence of the virtual medium, many aspects of our modern-day comforts would have gone blank and null during the pandemic. And, even without Covid, our lifestyle would never have enhanced so drastically if the internet or its associated technological innovations did not occur.

Online bill payments are speedy transactions that happen at lightning speed. It takes sparsely a few minutes to complete the entire transaction with the simple use of a bill payment app. Users need to be one-hundred percent sure of the app they download on their mobile and use it for making payments. The process is super-swift from initiating the payment to having the payment gateway converse with the user’s bank and getting the payment approved. Beyond any doubt, the agility of the transaction is one of the biggest advantages of online bill payments.

Value add-ons of making bill payments online

While speed is one definitive advantage, there are numerous others too.

  • The convenience of being able to pay round the clock and practically from any place with internet connectivity.
  • Rewards of using the online payment method are another big advantage for end-users. Such recompensation comes in multiple forms. Cashbacks and discount vouchers are common ways payment apps encourage users to pay their bills online.
  • Such apps are not limited to payments of one type only. Registered users can enjoy a range of services – from paying their utility bills to recharging their mobiles and DTH, from applying for an online credit to making investments and managing their wealth; it is all centralized with one reliable app on the user’s mobile. Not just that, most of these apps offer digital wallets that allow contactless payments and transactions in the offline world too.

Today, people are in a good space because many of their basic duties are handled by a trusted payment app. Made with advanced technology, such apps offer users seamless and quick payment options.

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