How to Make the Right Choice When Buying  Electric Motors

Electric motors are electrical machines that create motion by changing electrical energy to mechanical energy. The rotating direct current (DC) and alternate current (AC) interactions with a magnetic field generate force. The magnetic field strength increases directly with the increase in current power.

Practically, you can find motors everywhere. When planning to purchase an electric motor, you will have to decide which type is appropriate and the best specifications suitable for your application. Discussed below are some basics that will help you understand the different electric motors available in Kenya and guide you in choosing the right one.

Types of Electric Motors

There are various direct currents (DC) motors, such as brushless or brushed motors and vibrating motors.

DC Brushless Motors

These motors have rotor assembly that uses permanent magnets. They are common in the ground vehicle and aircraft applications hobby market. Brushless motors are efficient, produce less noise, have high power density, and are easy to maintain compared to brushed motors. Similar to AC motors, brushless motors also have constant RPM.

However, these electric motors have some disadvantages, such as not being environmentally friendly and easy to control. Brushless motors also need high capital costs.

Brush DC Motors

These are the simplest motors used in several appliances, automobiles, and toys. The motors have good torque at lower speeds and are also easy to control. Brush electric motor prices in Kenya are lower than brushless motors because they are not expensive to produce. However, they require frequent maintenance and also have limited speeds because of brush overheating.

Vibrating Motors

These electric motors apply in applications that require vibration, like game controllers and cell phones. The vibration is because of their drive shaft, which has an unbalanced mass.

There are also basic AC motors which include induction, industrial, and synchronous motors. AC motors are standard in several home applications and other appliances like blowers, conveyors, fans, disk drives, and clocks.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Motor.

It would be best to consider the electric motor prices in Kenya when you want to buy one, but features like current, voltage, velocity, and torque are more significant.


For a motor to operate, it requires current, and excess current can cause damages to the motor. In DC motors, stall and operating currents are essential. Stall current offers the motor enough torque to work at a stall speed. There are both AC and DC motors to choose from depending on the application you want to use.


Voltage is responsible for overcoming back current and keeping the net flow of current in the same direction. Motors with higher voltages have greater torque. DC motors show appropriate voltage while working. You should ensure that you apply recommended voltage since the motor will not work under low volts, and excess volts can result in power loss or destruction.


When it comes to motors, speed is complex. Motor generally work efficiently at high speeds, which is impossible to achieve when you involve gearing. Gears reduce the effectiveness of motors; therefore, you should also consider torque and speed reduction.


These are the general factors to consider when going for a motor. Consider the purpose of the application and the current it is using to choose the best motor. The applications’ voltage, velocity, current, and torque will help you know the appropriate motor you want. For more information, visit

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