How to organize storage in the kitchen

A kitchen set is a massive container for dishes and all kinds of necessary accessories. But it often happens that the usable space is filled with accessories that we don’t use, but it’s a pity to throw them away. To prevent this from happening, Royal Craft Wood experts will tell you how to properly organize storage in the kitchen in cabinets.

It is good when there is an opportunity to think over the placement of kitchen utensils at the stage of finishing work. But what if the repair has already been done, and the existing space organization does not suit you. Although there is enough storage space in the kitchen, everything seems cluttered and uncomfortable? It’s time to get rid of the unnecessary and find different places for your favorite collection of seasonings, a set of pots, and cutlery.

Place utensils along the wall

Use the usable space along the entire length of the walls. To do this, fix the railing to the wall itself or the lower walls of the wall cabinets. The rail storage system is a real lifesaver in the Kitchen renovations. Hang a pair of cup hooks that are in constant use on it.

Also, pay attention to the two-tier hanging shelves. They are great for small spice jars. You can place your favorite tea or coffee collection there.

If it is convenient for you to store cutlery on the countertop, use a particular container to unload it. She hangs on the railing. So spoons and forks will always be at hand. You can also use silverware drawer like the following in the picture: 

There are a lot of accessories for railing systems. You can equip them with hangers for paper towels or artificial plants.

Use side facades

Yes, cabinets can be filled from the inside and the outside: nail shelves, beautiful interior baskets to the side walls. And if you don’t want to make holes in the facades, get organizers on vacuum suction cups. Just don’t load them too hard.

Know the measure in everything. Don’t overload the interior. Otherwise, the kitchen will seem cluttered.

To prevent jars and bottles of different colors from creating visual noise, pour their contents into identical containers.

Filling open corners

Use every centimeter of free space even if there is no box in this place. The kitchen corner, where the apron joint is located, is the best fit for a hanging bracket. If a sink is located in the same corner, it is best to place detergents, hand soap, sponges, and rags on the shelf. So the surface at the sink will always be free.

If the sink is located in another part, hang narrow shelves or hooks to store what should always be at hand—for example, potholders, kitchen towels, paper napkins.

At the peak of popularity, the option with the corner placement of dishes. Nail some shelves and arrange some pretty crockery.

But remember that it requires constant care. Otherwise, a greasy coating will quickly form, and a layer of dust will settle.

Cabinet-pencil case

What other kitchen storage ideas do you have? This, of course, is the placement of the closet-pencil case. If the area allows a free zone, then buying an additional locker will come in handy. Its advantage is that it does not take up much space but is roomy and functional. Use it even as a mini-pantry, where jars of pickles and jams will fit well.

Adding a drawer organizer

No accessible space for a pencil case? It’s OK. So, there is a corner for a small retractable organizer. It is suitable for storing bottles of oils, preservation, tea, and coffee cans.

It is better to order a door for a drawer according to the style and color of the headset. So it will not stand out from the general concept.

Using a box for dishes

Most are accustomed to the dish dryer, and storage space is located in the upper cabinet. But we recommend equipping a drawer for plates. Place frequently used the soup and dessert plates and cups there. If there is free space, you can put cutting boards.

Do not overload the box too much, even if its walls are metal.

Making use of the space under the sink

To do this, you can go in several ways:

Install roll-out U-shaped container. It will provide a full extension. Such a basket is convenient for storing household products, sponges, rags.

Make a roll-out trash can;

Equip a place under the sink for storing vegetables—for example, onions, potatoes, garlic, carrots, beets.

A few more hacks

Hang a perforated panel on the free part of the backsplash or wall. Buy special hooks for it and hang everything you need. Such a panel is suitable for spoons, graters, cutting boards, spatulas, and other small accessories.

But do not try to fit everything in the lockers on it because the weight of the utensils may not withstand the fastening of the panel. In addition, it does not look immaculate.

A hanging magnetic plate can help place knives or cutlery. In addition, it can be fixed to the bottom wall of the upper cabinet and store small jars of spices on it. Pots should have metal lids.

Organize all items

It is not enough to hang new shelves and organizers for storage; you also need to maintain order in kitchen cabinets. And for this, periodically declutter them. Indeed you have accumulated a lot of open bags of spices or silicone molds that have not been in use for a long time. Be sure to sort out the dishes. Throw out chipped plates, cracked enamel pots, and shabby cutlery.

After freeing the headset from all items, carry out general cleaning. To do this, use Cif Universal Spray Force of Nature. It consists of 98% components of natural origin. Soda and lemon extract are used as a cleaning base. Therefore, the tool can safely clean surfaces that have come into contact with food.

Spray Cif on the surface, wait a few seconds and remove the residue with a cloth. If the pollution is old, leave the product for a couple of minutes.

Sort the rest of the utensils into categories. For example, store lids from pans and pots and the containers in one box. It is better to keep plates cups that you constantly use in such a locker, where you can quickly get them at any time.

Spoons, forks, spatulas, ladles, openers, jar lids are conveniently stored in the narrow upper drawer. If this is not the case, then it is better to provide a place for them on an open shelf or railing.

Favorite seasonings for dishes, sugar, salt, coffee are also good at hand: in a drawer or an upper cabinet. If there is not enough space inside, take a hanging bracket for the railing system under them.

Simplifying searches

When you have got rid of all the excess, sorted tableware, accessories, and everything else, now is the time to help yourself with the search for what you need. For example, arrange everything in lockers so that it is as convenient as possible to use.

We advise stocking up on larger and smaller containers. They will help organize the space and designate the places to store specific products and things in the kitchen. More voluminous containers are suitable for cereals, pasta, flour. You can also use them to place dishes or the same pots for celebrations. Smaller boxes are ideal for bulk products (spices, confectionery toppings, vanillin, etc.). You can also pour them into jars.

Be sure to sign each container. So you will always know what and where lies.

Turn to professionals

Arranging a kitchen space only at first glance seems like an easy task. This is one of the most challenging stages of repair. Therefore, if possible, seek the help of professionals.

If the kitchen is still at the stage of finishing work, then the designer will draw the layout from scratch. You will think over the arrangement of objects together. Also, the designer will tell you how and where it would be better to place this or that utensil.

But what about when the repair is already done? In this case, you can also call for help from a specialist in the competent organization of the premises. Then you will sort together what you need and what you should not store.

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