How to pick the best equipment for mushroom growing farms?

Any investor who wants to start a mushroom growing farm (and an established mushroom farm owner who aims to expand his business) will face many important dilemmas. Who to hire, how to manage all of the business processes and, crucially, which equipment to buy? Those are just a few of the questions that will need to be answered.

Mushroom farm equipment shouldn’t be chosen at random. Such an action would most likely lead to unnecessary expenses in the long term due to low-quality or faulty equipment needing to be replaced. We’ll explain how to pick the best equipment for a mushroom growing farm below!

Mushroom picking trolley

Selecting the right mushroom picking trolley is very important, as trolleys are one of the most useful and complex pieces of equipment in mushroom farms. That’s why it’s best to avoid older, less technologically advanced models, which, for example, might not have a platform that moves automatically but one that requires turning a crank in order for it to move.

Newer, better quality trolleys not only provide automatic movement (up and down, as well as left and right) thanks to electric drives but also are designed in such a way that the picker can easily reach mushrooms on the top and bottom shelves. A good trolley equals more mushrooms per square meter of harvest, which significantly affects the efficiency of the picking.

When choosing a mushroom picking trolley it’s also key to pay attention to safety features, both the electrical (like the automatic stoppage system) and non-electrical (heavy-duty wheels, non-slip working platforms, chains and railings, doors that open to the inside). A safe workplace means less sick leave, happier employees and higher productivity.

Growing nets

Growing nets play an important role in the process of growing mushrooms. It’s thanks to them that the substrate is placed on the shelves of the shelving and then easily pulled out after use.

During the process of picking growing nets, one should always check what materials they are made of. Polyethylene nets are recommended, as they are very durable, which ensures that they won’t start shrinking or narrowing after prolonged usage.

Climate control

A climate control system, as its name suggests, regulates the climate in mushroom growing farms in such a way as to facilitate mushroom growth and maximise the farm’s profitability. Good climate control leads to savings on such expenses as heating and ventilation, so it’s best to choose one that has many modern features and has garnered positive reviews in the industry.

Mushroom scales

Mushroom scales need to be easy to use, precise and resistant to the conditions on the mushroom growing farms (temperature, humidity and so on). The way they are powered is also worth taking into consideration when making a purchase.

Scales that are battery-powered are a safer choice, as they won’t need to be frequently charged (batteries can last for months before needing to be replaced) and there’s no charging cable that could easily get damaged.

Choosing the best equipment for a mushroom growing farm may seem challenging at first, but all of the tips mentioned above should make it much easier. However, it’s important to not only know what to buy but also who to buy it from. Modern, technologically advanced equipment that checks all the right boxes can be purchased from GROWTIME, a trusted supplier with many years of experience.

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