How to Prevent Ransomware in 2022

The world continues to experience growth in the technological space. Unfortunately, it is the same for cyber malpractices. Ransomware is one of the many ills that terrorize the tech world today. IT professionals and internet users have stories they would love to forget. 

In 2021, more than $19 billion was spent on paying off the cybercriminals involved in this menace. It is often targeted at businesses and organizations that have weak or no cyber security. Such organizations are also likely to pay the ransom to recover their data.

The good news is that this problem can be mitigated if you follow some safety measures to secure your files and site. This article will show you how to safeguard your data from any cyber-attack.

Best Ransomware Prevention Practices

The security of your data depends on what you do or fail to do. Big and small companies and individuals stand to lose a lot when they are attacked. The money you have to pay a ransom is sometimes relatively small compared to data you can lose due to small acts of negligence.

There are a lot of steps you can take to protect yourself from being attacked by ransomware and viruses. These ways have different levels of success. Your diligence and ability to go through the steps will determine your success in protecting your data.

The following are some preventive measures you are expected to take to win the fight against ransomware and other viruses.

1. Backup

As simple as backing up seems, it is an important and easy way to avoid being attacked. You can, for example, backup to an external storage or in the cloud. There are many good cloud storage services you can use. Suppose you are attacked, you will have to wipe your computer clean.

Next, put the files you backed up into the recently cleaned computer or device. It is advised to backup your data every day. It saves you the stress of losing your data and having to gather them again. Sometimes, you may not be able to retrieve what you’ve lost. This is basic data security.

2. Get OT Cybersecurity

Big enterprises, small businesses, and individuals all use this security protocol. Both hardware and software monitor and control changes and processes in your business. It helps to detect cyber threats and eliminates them. 

As Industrial Defender’s OT security stated, not getting all-around cyber protection is like getting insurance for just a portion of your assets. Which doesn’t make sense at all.

Thus, in choosing a tool to protect you, pick one that is reliable and well-rounded. Industrial Defender’s OT security solves all your cyber security needs and even calculates risks. This will help you take proactive steps in securing your data against ransomware.

3. Update Your System and Its Software

All software in your device needs to be updated all the time. There is always a new way to bypass your computer security measures. The mistake that some big businesses make is holding on to outdated software. This is very dangerous to their business and likely to other partnering businesses. 

Making sure your software is up-to-date is the least you can do to safeguard your data. It keeps your security framework in a good position. System update also helps your internet access and applications function better.

4. Awareness

If your business or company has staff, you must teach them about possible risks. Create awareness about ransomware. Tell them what ransomware is, what it can do, and how to prevent it. 

Teach them how to use all the software needed to make sure your systems are safe. Let them know that oversight from one person can compromise the whole company. Let them know what to do if the unfortunate situation comes up. Everyone should have a role to play, and this should be tested.

5. Safe Surfing

Cybercriminals will try to get to you in any way possible. Browsing and clicking on everything that pops up make things easier for them. Be very careful with where you click when surfing the net. It would be best to block ads by getting ad-blocker extensions on your device.

Also, do not use a browser that does not have an ad-blocker. Make sure you download your software from reliable sites.

It is important to note that attacks through email are the leading cause of ransomware attacks. You can be attacked by mail when you

  • Click on links to malfunctioning websites
  • Download infected email attachments.

6. Use Secure Networks

You don’t need to make use of that public Wi-Fi network. Most of them are not secure, making you susceptible to cybercriminals. They can check your internet history, usage, and other personal stuff. It is advisable to use a VPN with a secure connection to the net. 

It can be used anywhere globally, as long as there is internet service. Use Wi-Fi only when necessary. You should also ensure that it is from a reliable source.

7. Install Antivirus Software and firewalls

Having standard antivirus and anti-malware software is very important. This software and firewall help to defend you from ransomware. Such software can scan, detect and fight cyber threats. Firewalls are the first line of defense against attacks on your software or hardware.

They stop suspicious data from entering while the antivirus does the in-house cleaning. It detects the virus when it is already in the system. You should spend money on antivirus and firewalls now than having to pay ransom later on.

8. Personal Device Restrictions

Some company employees are likely to use their devices to access the company’s network. This needs to be regulated as it causes a potential risk to the company. Make restrictions on this behavior and provide other solutions. You can get devices that belong to the company which they can use instead of theirs.

9. Analysis

If ransomware is detected, an investigation should be carried out. The origin of the malware is important to note. How long it lasted on your network environs is another. You also need to confirm that all the devices affected have been checked. After all this, you can plan for a prevention phase.

10. Be informed

Be current with news concerning ransomware. This is so that you know exactly what you’re out against. Do not sit back and wait for an attack before doing research. Be thorough because it will give results.

When attacked by ransomware, do not:

  • Pay ransom
  • Keep infected systems together with healthy ones
  • Leave the source of malware unidentified
  • Keep silent about the incident to authorities


To avoid any ransomware attack, start practicing preventive measures now. Do not wait until you are attacked before you take action. It would help if you always remained ready at all times for whatever scenario.

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